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embarking on a journey / to be cont’d

What up though, Welcome to the world of Average!

My name is Darius Savage, people call me Fydthetrainer(FYDTT). Which stands for F you Darius the trainer.

Why? Do they call me that?!

The answer is simple, this world is inhabited by people who want to be Average, and me I would rather be a Savage, so my training methods reflect that. Average people like to do light cardio, and light resistance training, but I want to push you to your limits and beyond.

I studied, this profession, in order to better master it…

Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Every two years most personal trainers are required to renew, their certifications, by proving they either took specialization courses or they pay an additional 200$ fee to keep their old certifications.  What does this mean, it means if someone has a general personal trainer cert, they can simply pay 200$, rather than updating their skills. Me  on the other hand I would rather update my skills, and I do that by taking specialization courses, in fields such as nutrition, weight loss, body building, and there are a few more I plan to tackle in the next few years.

Why is this important to you?

On one hand you have an Average trainer, who is doing the bare minimum, i.e. paying 200$ to renew a cert(which means they probably forgot everything they learned over the course of 2years of not doing anything.) And then you have a Savage, someone who looks the part(fit), someone who doesn’t mind learning and applying that knowledge to get his clients the best results.

So I ask you…

Do you want to be a SAVAGE or do you want to remain average? As my journey continues, I hope you continue yours as well, and who knows maybe you will stay in tune, and journey along with me, but until next time, I will like to just leave you with a quote.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady



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