Getting your hands dirty

All legitimate  forms of religion lead to GOD, in some way shape and form, you believe there is a higher being, that we all bow and pray too…

With that being said, its a million ways to pray, and a million ways to get shredded and ripped, which path will you choose?

I took the most Savage, and relentless path to reap the benefits, that I have achieved so far.  I used to be a victim of only doing 20 minute workouts, and the other bogus, fitness dvds out there. Hey I was young and dumb, plus I had a ton of time on my hands back in the day,  from either being unemployed, or from  being a student; so I would do those workouts like two or 3 times in a row, or multiple times throughout the day.

I have done the crappy home workouts and those days are over with….

I prefer to go to the gym, because I want to do every exercise at my disposal, I do the hip adductor and abductor machines, I do calf raises, I do every specialty machine, my gym has to offer. Thats why I go to the gym, I try to push myself as far as possible, and I believe the gym has more to offer me, than working out at home.

I still buy weights and home workout equip

I still buy weights to lift at home, and pull up bars, so I can work out at home, I still do pushups and sit ups, you name it I still do it, I don’t want to be average, and if your rocking with me, you don’t have to settle for average either its no reason too. Those days are over with…

The point of this site is to provide you with the information you need to get your hands dirty, what foods do you need to eat? What exercises do you need to do? All that information will be available here. I prefer to workout in the gym a majority of my videos will be in the gym but I plan to show you guys how to get your hands dirty at home as well.

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