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Setting The Pace For A Decent Workout

How Do YOU set the pace for a decent workout?

The Pre-workout

It should be no secret that I am a stimulants person, I love caffeine, pre-workouts you name it, but ultimately, the only thing I make sure I bring to my workouts is an old android phone I use as an mp3 player and as a timer for rest between sets.

The Music

I use an old android phone, so in case I lose it, it won’t be that big of a loss, and I usually listen to whole albums, or certain songs on repeat. Now I admit sometimes I forget to charge it, (but my gyms treadmills have usb ports to charge from, but most gyms still don’t or won’t anytime soon.) Aside, from that luxury I will go without music in the gym on occasion.

One day I will list some of my favorite songs, but I listen to all genres of music, and I listen to audio books, I mostly stick to R&B and Rap though.

The Gear

In the last year, I’ve probably spent more money on my gym clothes , then I have spent on my regular wardrobe. Mostly  because I am working on becoming a full fledged personal trainer, and also because I enjoy going to the gym more than anything else at the moment.  I feel its important to put yourself in a position of power, and in my opinion, you need to try to line up as many ducks as you can, in order to ensure your success, my favorite brand to work out in, would have to be Adidas,  hands down.

I am guilty of catching sales, and buying things as cheap as I can. I also own stock in my favorite companies as well, aside from Facebook and google, I vow to own stock in every company I ever worked for, as well as my favorite brands. But some how I doubt that the people who comment negatively will ever own stock, I think its important, to own more of a company than that company will ever own of you. Meaning that I will own more Nike stock than Nike shoes, etc.

But none the less, I feel its important no matter what your favorite brands are, or style you should dress, not to impress, but dress, for war. I go to the gym in gym attire, but every  workout is a battle, because I am trying to destroy the person who I was, and build some one new, by the end of my workout.

Summing Everything Up

I suggest you wear whatever makes you comfortable, I invest my money in such a way, that I can wear name brand things, not saying you have to.

I like to have a pre-workout in my system, but it is not a  necessity.

I like to have weeks where I go without music or pre-workouts, just because I don’t want those things to define if I do or don’t have a good workout.



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