The Savage art of weight loss,

Lyndsea  was 45 lbs down in this picture

Establish your why?

Now you may be thinking, what is the purpose of establishing a Why? Because the key to success is first knowing why you haven’t been successful, and from there its important to establish a game plan. Anything you want in life is going to require and investment, so treat the gym like wall street, and understand there are ups and downs, When you invest in yourself. However the purpose of this article is to cut down on the downs and increase the ups.

Time+Money+Effort = Your Reward

Understand nobody will work as hard as you when it comes to your goals especially when weight loss comes into play. There are no easy ways out, there are a ton of smart tips and techniques that can aid you in your journey.

Back to the topic at hand: Establishing your why?

Sample questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to lose weight?
  • is it, for you own personal gain?
  • health related?
  • etc
  • Why have  bad habits prevented you from losing weight?
    • are you a chronic partyer?
    • do you only eat junk food?
    • binge eat?
    • Are you not as active, as you once were, or maybe never even been active?
  • Why will this time around be different for you?
    • will you take the time to study different methods to lose weight?
    • will you finally get serious about dieting and exercise?
    • Are you just plan tired, of your current lifestyle and in need of a drastic change?

    Ask yourself what you will do differently, and comment with your answers, or email me.

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The goal of asking why is to determine,  the reason you trying to make this  change, and also to pin point why you haven’t lost the weight.  You can also ask yourself what, and how questions.

  • How will I lose this weight?
  • How will I overcome my urges?
  • How much time and money am I willing to invest?


  • What will I do differently to continuously lose weight and keep it off?
  • What can I expect from my family and friends will they be supportive?

Key concepts

Money is usually, a key that will unlock many doors, but beware, companies and people will try to take it from you. This site as well as other sites out there, will provide tons of information, catered to helping you achieve your goals. So if you can’t find the answers here shoot me an email, or google it.

Also keep budgeting in mind, I buy things here and there, when I don’t have the money to get them all at once. I will make a list and get the most important stuff first, and slowly add on things. Example I may buy protein powder first and then decide to get multivitamins my next check. There is no reason to go for broke, if you do chances are you will loose site of your goals.

Setting A Decent Pace For Yourself,

I personally recommend using myfitnesspal to help you give your goals a reasonable start and finish date. You will be given small increments, to work with. Its very possible to meet, or beat these increments, but if you don’t follow through, than you will miss your goals.

Its important to utilize as many free tools as possible. Also you have to educate yourself as well.

Getting things into gear,

The gym or decent home gym is a must, dieting alone can be done, but will more than likely take years and not yield the results you hope for. Nothing sucks more, than coming to the end of a journey and not seeing the results you hoped for.

Resistance training is your friend, you have to do some kind of resistance training, along with your cardio. There is a ton of free information out there that you can use to help get you started.

I will provide a beginners plan, and advanced plans on the mercenary reserve website.

Listen and Invest,

Listen and watch the right people, stop believing lies, and stop watching the wrong people.  I see so many male and female trainers, lie, in order to sell BS, and so many average and naive people fall for it.

Be a savage about the situation, look for those who provide the right info, not those who sell 20 minute ab dreams, and five minute home workouts.

I personally think you have to workout at the gym to get optimum results and avoid, distractions. We all know your parents, spouse or kids don’t give a **** if you are working out which is why I prefer to escape the distractions.

When you get the right information invest in those situations to discover if that method is right for you, also practice common sense.

Summing Everything up

Understand, this is a journey and a personal mission, that you yourself set the pace for no one can do this for you. Build off of a small initial push, the more you do the small things the more, you will build momentum, the more momentum you build, the harder it will be to stop you. Plan for failure,and understand, that even if you screw up a few times its important, to continue down the right path.


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