Decide to be a SAVAGE

The AVERAGE have always been skeptical in regards to health and fitness. They have never taken the time to study and apply different training styles, because they associate to much pain to actually doing something that isn’t mundane.

Everything the AVERAGE believe to be true is based on the foundation of what society and the media has to them to be true.

AVERAGE people would rather laugh it off vs  making the effort to investigate, and taking the time to invest in something that  they consider unconventional. Even if they know the results will come, or that it will inevitably lead to success.

The AVERAGE don’t believe in true success and fitness. They believe in surgery and pills, dieting/eating properly is a mystery to them. Exercise is foreign as well to those individuals who choose to be AVERAGE. Or they may be the few who participate in BABY cardio, and BABY resistance training.

Savages will never accredit their success to nothing less than hard work. 20 minute Dvds and other exercise programs out there, may be your intro, in to this world, but SAVAGES don’t let a particular training style control them, they control the tone, pace and style of their workouts.

Why do they call us SAVAGES?

“Savages we call them because their manners differ from ours.”

Benjamin Franklin


The AVERAGE place all their faith into infomercials, and the too good to be true, garbage feed to them by the media. Savages differentiate reality from fantasy and place their truth into what works.

The AVERAGE are certain and positive that infomercials work and that these word of mouth, and magazine diets really work. The AVERAGE don’t care that supplement companies sponsor those articles, and the same companies, put out different style workouts under different names, pretending to be different and charge you an arm and leg for their products.

These scams work for the AVERAGE, but SAVAGES see things differently, we invest in things to see what works and doesn’t work, and we keep evolving.


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