It’s Not the Hammer, It’s the Carpenter

Nothing compensates for the work you put in.

No matter how good your external tools are, whether is a good trainer or diet. Nothing can replace your dedication.
Everything boils down to you and how dedicated and persistent you are in chasing your goals and endeavors. You can’t lose weight or gain muscle without experiencing failures, setbacks and confusion. You have to be willing to face these challenges, you have to come to terms that there will be times, where things seem hopeless and look bleak. Savages accept this fact, no matter what your trying to accomplish in life, we don’t accept the norm, we fight for our beliefs, and set our own standards.

It’s not how good your clothes are, you shoes, the gym you attend, or how much money you’ve invested into your cause, its about how you will attack your obstacle, and reach your goals. There will be snakes in the grass, family members or friends, and obviously haters, who won’t  understand, your vision, and savages don’t concern themselves with the thoughts of the average people that surround them. God, did not give them your eyes, so when you envision the path you should take to achieve your goals don’t be surprised, if there are people who criticize or stand in the way of your goals this blog is about learning how to overcome those who oppose your goals.

People accept the wrong things ass being normal.

Our parents accept degenerating as we age, in my community things like diabetes, and high blood pressure is normal, maybe when we lived in a world, before there was knowledge to combat these, diseases it was normal. But, those days are over, if you fall victim to being obese, and staying that way, then your average, and this site is not for you, and my advice is not for you, unless your willing to change.

We have been conditioned to accept, illness, and diseases as being normal. That is far from being true, it is not normal, we criticize those who spend money on being healthy, but accept those, who spend money on prescriptions for  preventable diseases as being normal.

Which brings me  back to “It’s Not the Hammer,  It’s the Carpenter” when you better understand, how to take care of your body, and prevent falling victim, to preventable circumstances you upgrade from average, to being a savage.  A skilled Carpenter, knows how to navigate tough situations and setbacks, while an unskilled Carpenter, merely relies on the tools he is most comfortable with. Which 9 times out of 10 will be his hammer, take that away and he can not build a house, with out it. Now a skilled carpenter on the other hand knows how to use more than one tool, and knows what to do, when he no longer has that tool available to him.

Often at times people blame not having a certain product,or time for being the reason they can’t get in shape. But there are those out there who still manage to make it happen, who still get in the gym or exercise, there are those who still eat healthy and manage to maintain a well balanced lifestyle.

So my question to end this post is “Are you a skilled Carpenter, or someone who relies solely on their hammer?”



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