What it means to workout

What it means to workout
Photo taken at High Performance Fitness, teamhpf.com

I’m writing this on my break at my second job, the thing about my blog is, that while it is a fitness blog. A lot of these philosophies carry over into real life.

I call myself a savage, because of the obstacles, that I face and have you overcome. I call those who make time to achieve their goals savages as well. Why? Because in an ideal world we would all be fit and live out out our dreams. I don’t live in an ideal world nor do I have the means to have the lifestyle that I want yet.

The whole ideal behind being a savage is this: no one understands are motives ambitions or dreams. They don’t understand why your focused on losing weight, or getting in shape. They don’t understand why the next guy is concerned with putting on as much muscle mass as possible. And when people don’t understand things, instead of trying to, they would just rather slap a label on us and call us savages.

I use the term savages because everyone has superiority complex, they think  they are better than us. When you tell people about the workouts and the nutrition, and what goes into losing weight, they will look at you as if your crazy, as if its abnormal to eat healthy and workout. This world is a fast food joint, people want everything fast and cheap.


No two men have the same opinion on what the value of a dollar is, whats considered worthy of my dollar, may not hold the same weight of value in your eyes. When it comes to working out, people think the following:

  • Its not worth paying a gym membership
  • Its not worth my time
  • I’m too old too
  • I don’t have the money for a trainer
  • I can do it on my own, I just haven’t yet
  • I can’t afford it

All of these are bullshit reasons and opinions, the same person who says they don’t have time, doesn’t want to make time. The guy who says he is too old, is basically saying, that he’s ready to die,  the moment you, give up on your health your welcoming disease and poor health in to his life. Those that don’t have the money for a trainer, I can bet they don’t have a budget either, and poor spending habits, that hold them and their finances hostage. I the I can do it on my own person, is lying through their teeth, personal training is an investment as much as an education is. If you want the edge, you have to pursue it at any cost, when people say the work out at home, look at their physique, either they too are lying or would see better results, if they went to the gym.

What I am Saying a Workout means

Its the time you spend working towards, building and improving yourself, as I said before, personal training is just as important as education in terms of personal development. If you don’t push yourself you will never grow. That goes for both your education and your health as well. Its not hard to remain out of shape, just like its not hard to simply do nothing at work and school. Your grades and pay checks will reflect the amount of work you do.

What a work out does is it fuels you, it shows you what your capable of, it gives you a blueprint, to a better you. When you have the proper guidance like a gps, that will give you the proper path to take, there is no way you can fail. Every rep in every workout, shows me what I am capable of not only in the gym, but outside of the gym as well. It push everything in perspective, and shows me what I can both physically and mentally.

It Empowers and allows you to take control.

Thats what a workout does, no matter what your current health or strength level is if you workout with me, you will learn quickly how much stronger you are compared to what you thought you were. This is why I refer to those who feel the same as me, or those that chase their goals as fiercely as I do savages. We put in the work and make progress, when you realize how much you can incrementally improve over time. It will empower you and put your life and priorities in perspective, and things that were impossible will seem a lot more attainable.

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