Making today count


Everyday is merely preparation for the next.

My name is Darius Savage, and I have decided to make a conscience effort to sharpen and groom those around, both spiritually and physically. This is why I’ve become a personal trainer, and the purpose of this article series, will be to introduce to you guys, some of the information those in my inner circle receive. I believe if we share and promote the proper information which each other we can grow, in ways we’ve never would of been able to.

Do Something different

Every summer my nephew visits, me in Chicago and something I always try to instill in him, are what I call savage principles and laws. I try to remind not only him but his siblings as well,  that we are something different; so we should do things differently. We were meant to be savages, but the type of savages we were meant to be, are of a different breed. Anything that we apply ourselves and minds to we are capable of doing. Despite, what our circumstances, friends, family, or environment says we are capable of doing.

Now when I use the term savages, I don’t mean it in a negative, sense, it is a reference to the hunter and gather spirit that we all have. In ancient times, when we were hunter and gathers, those who were savages went and captured food, for their respective communities. Those who were average stayed in the village, and throughout time these principles have relatively remained the same .

So when I use this term savage, what we can really boil it down to is, how we play this game of life. We have to make decisions that are right for us in order to be successful.  I ask him, if he understands the importance of Making Today Count, vs. just living day to day. He of course has a grasp on this concept, but doesn’t fully understand it, so I hand him a book, by John C. Maxwell called Making Today Count. And explain to him that if he is not making use of his time, he will inevitably have things taken from him, such as money, opportunities,  and commodities. So he asks me, “How do I avoid losing opportunities and having things taken from me.”

So I had him  re-watch a show called Psycho Pass episode 12 around the 11:50 mark, in which Shinya Kogami says “If you want to stop things from being taken from you, then join the people who do the taking.” Unfortunately some things aren’t readily available in our communities to provide proper venue’s for us to explore and make money rapidly in a legal manner.  In our cave man days, we had to make use with the tools, given to us by society and develop tools to ensure we succeed.  Making today count, reminds us of twelve free tools that we have at our disposal.

1. Attitude
Think act and talk like the person you want to be. Value others, look for the best in others and treat them well. Find something positive in everything, say something positive in every conversation, and find positive allies. Give others sincere compliments, praise and recognition. Appreciate the life you have and be grateful for the little things.

2. Priorities
Take control and responsibility for how you spend your time. Think about what things you must do, what are your greatest strengths (most productive) and what gives you the greatest reward (satisfaction). Fulfill what you must do, focus in your areas of strength and don’t forget to include activities that you find rewarding. Plan your time and follow the plan.

3. Health
Have a purpose for living. Do work you enjoy and value. Find your pace, don’t burn out. Eat the right things and in moderation. Exercise consistently, just do something, get started. Handle stress by not letting it build up, deal with issues as they arise. Maintain a positive self image. Laugh.

4. Family
Put the most effort into gaining the respect of your family, rather than the respect of others. Make your family a conscious priority and communicate with them daily. Spend time together. Have common positive experiences. Create family traditions and common values. Give your family your best energy.

5. Thinking
Practice thinking and improve it. Go from bad ideas, to good ideas, to great ideas. Have a set time and place where you can think when you are at your best and you will not be disturbed. Identify your process and triggers that stimulate your thinking. Have a system to record your thoughts. Put thoughts into action quickly.

6. Commitment
First count the cost and determine you are willing to pay the price. Increase commitment by dedication to excellence in that area. Renew the commitment by reading and reviewing your commitment daily. Expect a struggle and go in knowing it will require work, not just talent. Single-mindedly focus on your choices (internal) not external conditions and excuses.

7. Finances
Be grateful for what you have now. Don’t compare yourself to others. Materialism is not about possessions it is about obsession. It is OK to have the things you need and to have enough so you can give. Have a plan and divide up your money for giving, living and investing for the future. Reduce debt, invest, give and spend what’s left.

8. Faith
Faith is the strong beliefs we have for which we don’t have tangible proof of their truth. Deepen and live out your faith. Practice your faith to strengthen it. Adopt an outlook of hope through faith. Embrace the value of faith. Faith is the means by which your spiritual growth can occur.

9. Relationships
Initiate, invest and take responsibility for relationships by; giving others confidence, listening, giving hope, speaking to their needs, encouraging and helping them to win. Give respect freely, but expect to earn it from others. Make a conscious effort to deposit good will with others. Focus on giving.

10. Generosity
Greatness is defined by what we give, not what we receive. Don’t wait for prosperity to become generous. Value others and give value to others. Give of yourself and give of your money. Find a reason to give by finding a cause you believe in where there is an urgent need for generosity.

11. Values
Know what your values are by creating and refining your list of values. Embrace your values and focus your activities around your values and you will be successful. Review and reflect on your values daily. Identify how you will live out your values, write it down. Maintain a small gap between your values and your actions.

12. Growth
Have a personal plan for growth, it’s not automatic. Set your growth goals in areas of strength. Be purposeful and intentional as part of your daily routine. Read, listen to others, take notes, file and organize your notes and thoughts. Apply what you learn and learn to enjoy the journey.

Identify what’s important to you, decide to act upon them and manage your actions, daily.

This list was borrowed from here.

In order to win, I explain to my nephew, we have to use the tools available to us, and some of the best tools, we have are around us and these, 12 principles remind us of that fact.

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