5 Basic Nutrition Tips

Why Nutrition is important to your Goals.PSX_20150530_224602

Are you trying to lose weight, tone, or build muscle? Well this introductory series is for you.Are you an athlete? Are you concerned about what  you should supplement your diet with? This was written for you as well. I will explain why nutrition is important and in no time you will be one step closer to your goals. This article is loosely based off of the ISSA integrated nutrition approach.

Rule #1 Eat Frequently Throughout The Day

The main Two most important reasons, for eating throughout the day are, preventing fat, from being stored on your body and catabolism. Fat tends to store on your body when you are not eating frequently, how does this happen? Essentially when on a low-calorie diet, that is not tailored to keeping your body satisfied, it thinks it’s starving, and tells itself to  store fat for consumption at a later date. But when you are eating  properly portion meals your body will stop  storing fat and start burning it for energy, which is its intended purpose. You Also need to consume your an adequate amount of protein to fuel growth and recovery, protein is also a key ingredient in losing weight as well. You body needs it no matter what your goals are. A frequent supply of  protein will keep your body satisfied. You also have to take into account, that eating properly will help your body regulate its insulin and sugar levels a lot better,.

Rule #2 Keeping Your Portions In Check

Your diet on average should look  like this: 1 Part Fat 2 Parts Protein 3 Parts Carbohydrates This is a general place to begin, when trying get your diet in check. These numbers may change based on your goals and activity level. Fat is essential for your body to function properly, for example fat regulates hormones. Ideally you want to keep fats from animal source limited, so that would be saturated  fats. You also want to limit or better cut trans fat from your diet. You should Focus on unsaturated fats, which you can get from olive oil, coco nut oil, and canola to name a few. For Carbohydrates, the more energy you expend the more carbohydrates you will need to consume.  You want to eat an adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein to fuel  recovery and growth. Ideally you want to consume carbs that are low on the glycemic index,  these will slowly be converted in to blood sugar, and provide you better control over insulin levels. Carbs are the first thing your body, decides to burn  for energy, followed by fat especially during aerobic work. But this is only the case when marcos are portioned as mentioned above.

Rule #3 Why Am I Fueling Myself

Basically you wanna eat according to the activity that is going to follow that meal. For example if your going to train soon, you can eat a higher amount of carbs then you would eat if you were getting ready for bed.


Rule #4 Building Muscle, Burning Fat

You can only lose fat when your body is in a caloric deficit, translation, you have to burn calories than you consume to burn fat. To build muscle you need to increase your macros appropriately to build muscle. In order to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, you have to alternate between the two, for adequate periods of time, there is no scientifically proven way to burn muscle and build fat at the same time.

Rule #5 You will Always Need Supplements

Marco nutrients, will be hard and next to impossible for us to get in a day,  and even more importantly,, I know following these 5 rules will be impossible. Rule #1 namely will be hard to follow. That is why we have carb and protein supplements, as well as supplements that cover micro  nutrients. Micro nutrients will cover our general health concerns. Benefits are s followed: You will be about to reach your fitness goals, health and weight loss goals, as well as build muscle based off the supplements you take. It’s   impossible to eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Micro nutrients cover the variables our general food intake lacks. Intense training and exercise requires nutrients, to supplement and aid our bodies recovery. * consult your dr. before beginning any nutritional, supplemental, diet and exercising plan.

Over Looked Variables To Consider

Drink 8-10 glasses of water, plus an additional glass, per 25 pounds you want to lose Consume an appropriate amount of fiber. Resistance training promotes weight loss, and builds a higher metabolism, which helps you burn fat so it should not be overlooked or ignored. Obtain an appropriate amount of protein, to aid you in your goals for growth and recovery. Obviously cut back on or eliminate all together junk and fast food.

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