Grocery shopping for dummies

Grocery Shopping for Dummies

The Definitive guide for Mastering the Grocery Store

This is an idea I’ve been playing around with, for some time, even though I make meal plans, I hate having to tell others what to eat. Honestly I feel like by this point in your life, you’ve eaten enough of the good things an enough of the bad things the grocery store has to offer. At the same time however I know if I was taught how to eat better, from the very beginning I would have strived to eat better.

So While I am working on a nutritional book, I decided to give you this brief guide to get you started.

Ideally most stores are outline in the same format, the produce, meat, and dairy sections, will wrap around the walls of the store. In these sections, will be where the most healthiest choices are. If you grab all the essentials first you will probably not have enough money for the unhealthy things.


Pick up all your green veggies, and super veggies here, these will be your clean carbs, and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.

Meat, Poultry, Fish

Obviously red meat is a big no, no but you can shoot for organic and grass fed animals if your budget allows, you want to grab the leanest meats possible. This way you can make sure were optimizing our diets to the fullest.


In this section you will grab things like Greek yogurt, and Milk, I personally pick up Whole milk, Cashew milk, and Greek yogurt.

Grains, Cereals

Things like rice, granola, and quinoa are things I grab out of this aisle.


Ideally you want to pick up healthy fats and oils, like coconut oil, olive and canola. Additionally you want low fat and low carb alternatives, to all condiments, and low sodium choices for seasonings. The purpose of shopping the inner aisles, last is to get all the essentials items first, and all the bull shit last or not at all.


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