Reviews: Adidas FitSmart

I didn’t know about wrist heart rate monitoring being drastically inferior to chest strap monitoring,  I just saw a brand I trusted and went for it. I also have the polar ft-60 that I still have to review, the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear S as well.

The cons:

-Not Waterproof.

-Uses proprietary adapter to charge

-Weak Battery

-Heart rate monitor was not accurate

-Difficult Navigation

-Phone syncing was terrible, borderline non-existent

-GPS Sucks

The Good:

-Nice led display when the watch actually worked.

-Motivating blogs on the site.


The watch barely worked, and then about 3 weeks into having it the cheap strap on the watch broke, resulting in me going back to the polar brand. I expected more than what this particular watch was capable of producing.


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