Reviews: Polar A300

Polar A300

I love training myself and clients, with heart rate monitors because it gives me imperical data to work with. Its nothing like being about to measure numbers, with out having to crunch numbers. At the end of a work out, I know what the average heart rate was, the fat percentage burned, the max heart rate, how effective the workout was. This comes in hand with not only weight loss clients, but clients looking to build muscle or maintain their current builds.

I hate that the wrist band is made out of a cheap material, but polar sells replacement bands, unlike other companies, which is a plus. This watch is far more Superior than the ft-60 a previous model.


-A3oo can connect directly into  a usb port.

-Actively see how many steps you’ve taken.

-Actively see if you’re reaching your daily goals or not.

-Determine your Vo2 Max

-Connects your phone and has its own app as well.


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