Benefits of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

First of and foremost, you get what you pay for. I’ve played around with Nike, FitBit, Adidas, and a few other brand Heart Rate Monitors. They all serve a purpose, but one thing to note, is that if the heart rate monitor, only measures your heart rate through the pulse on your wrist, than its inferior, to any model; that uses a chest strap.


By far, my favorite brand, is Polar, the reason is because of its training zones. It actively gives you your current heart rate, and breaks them up into zones, on older models from 1-3 and new models 1-5. The reason this is important to me as a trainer is it allows me to push my clients, to their limits, and not an arbitrary limit, imposed by me.


Wearing a Heart Rate monitor allows me to push myself and make sure I’m bringing the right intensity to my own workouts. I am a numbers kind of guy when it comes to fitness, outside of knowing maxes on squats and bench presses, it’s important for me to know the smaller things, and arguably the most important things. Whats my heart rate at while training, and wheres my heart rate while I’m resting.


For weight loss clients, and a lot of female clients, they determine the success of a workout based off of how many calories they burn. With that being said without a heart rate monitor watch, most people will tend to stick to only cardio machines, since it displays calories burned.

This method is inferior, to wearing a watch because the watch is going to provide a more accurate count. This way they can shoot for let’s say 750 cals or more peer training session, and scale up or down based on their desired goals.


More benefits of an Heart Rate Monitor:

-Track your progress

-Calories burned

-Fat percentage burned (on polar brand watches)

-FIt Test to determine starting point (again on polar brand watches)

-Time Spent at different training zones

-With the A300 and M400 you can connect to the polar flow app and myfitnesspal


Most importantly you can exercise and the intensity thats right for you. Overall I strongly believe in heart rate monitors and anything that will allow you to safely reach your goals.

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