tire flipping

Savage Conditioning : Tire Flipping

Attack Fat Build Muscle

None of  my clients are allowed to due traditional cardio, when there goal is to burn fat, and build lean muscle. The only exceptions are those with injuries or conditions preventing them from doing so. I require all of them to train with the same intensity as if I was there with them pushing them. Now its hard and damn near impossible to have the same intensity, of a training session minus the coach.  That is where having tools like a tire comes in.

Why Flip Tires?

Why flip a tire? We all have seen tires flipped on tv or on the web, but never really thought much of it, outside of it being a strong man, type of thing to do. There are benefits we can all reap from it, its not limited to strongmen competitions. First and foremost, this is intense cardio, even though you may not be able to flip the tire at a fast depending on how heavy it is. Flipping a tire is also an excellent way to condition yourself, its like nothing you’ve ever done before. Its going to be some thing athletic and functional, I have a client in her 50s whom, I have flip tires regularly. This year when It came time for her to garden, she was throwing the 40lbs bags of soil in her car, at the hardware store, rather than having the employee do it. To some this may not sound impressive, but when your elderly family member wants you to throw bags of soil let’s see how you fair. One the extreme opposite, I have college athletes train  with tires as well, it keeps their heart rate up , and teaches them to recover quickly. The rewards you get from flipping a tire is unparalleled to any form of traditional cardio.

Sooner or later, I will post a sample workout and tutorial video on how to flip tires,  thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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