What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is:

  • An easier way of dieting
  • Helpful for those who can’t eat 5-6 times a day.
  • Beneficial for men, may not be as beneficial for women

How it works:

Men fast for 16 hours, women for 14, the goal is for most to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. Basically you have an 8-10 hours to eat. During this time you’re making sure that you hit your macros, especially protein.  The time you spent not eating, you can have black coffee, water, supplements and bcaa’s.  The benefits, of fasting, are healthier brain, and heart, and of course weight loss.

My experience:

I accidentally fasted years ago, when I first started working .Simply because I had to balance work and school, there was a small window of time for me to eat. As a result, I maintained lean muscle mass, where as my friends, especially those who were in better shape than me didn’t. After high school if you haven’t  graduated already, you’ll see the greatest changes in body composition. Not only in yourself but friends as well. A lot of people get fat, or lose their physiques they had in high school. For me I was skinny in high school, even though I did train here and there, and always worked out. I didn’t get serious about training and nutrition until afterwards. But the caveat was, the schedule I had, I would literally be at work than school. This affected the times I had to eat, which resulted i me stuffing my face in my free time.

For me intermittent fasting, kept my body fat low, and when I took training serious and focused on my macros, I saw great results. For a few of my friends who knew what intermittent  fasting, was saw similar benefits. Now where the paradigms shift, were my friends who exercised saw better results than those who didn’t.

I don’t necessarily advocate intermittent  fasting, but if you have a weird schedule, than this may work for you. If there is a demand for it I will definitely expand on this post with some more in depth ones in the near future.

The Savage Build : Top 10 healthy Snacks

The following is a list of staples in the fitness community

Dark Chocolate

Lower in sugar, than milk chocolate, high in antioxidants.

Packaged tuna

A lot of companies sell packed tunas, that come in different flavors. The packets, are 9/10 good enough to be eaten alone, or you could buy 1 minute microwavable rice,  to add in with it.


String Cheese

An easy go to, high in protein. This is cheap staple that you need to have stocked in your fridge.


Isopure, and optimum nutrition,  both make shakes in ready to drink form. This comes in handy especially when you’re on the go and don’t have time to make a shake.


Brands like Krave, are good to keep in the glove compartment, of the car. jerky is something you can snack on throughout the day.

Greek yogurt

I often eat greek yogurt in the morning, a serving size has just as much protein, as a protein shake. I usually add in blueberries, or some kind of fruit.

Protein bars

Quest bars, are a cliche  in the fitness community. A long with lenny and larry’s protein cookies, these options can be used an dessert with your lunch. Or as something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Watermelon, honey due, and  cantaloupes are nutrient dense, and calorically low.


Blueberries and strawberries, contain lots of antioxidants, and vitamins, to help fight off colds, and keep the immune system strong. Outside of that they are both calorically low, and low in sugar.


Shoot for the unsalted versions, of nuts. They are nutrient dense,  however they are high in calories and fats, so only consume in moderation.

The Savage Build: The reasons you’re not lean yet

Resting longer than necessary

Stop sitting around wasting time, resting over 90 seconds, is unnecessary. I hate when guys say they workout for 2 or 3 hours, but they really workout 45 mins and talk the rest of the time. Your rest time should be in between 30-90 seconds. I set a timer on my phone.  If someone is talking to me, when that time goes off, I tell them to hold that thought and start my next set. Depending on the exercise I will talk and work at the same time. I try not to be Mr. intensity, you no that guy who’s a complete ass hole, because he’s working out and doesn’t want to be interrupted. I also don’t want to be Mr. low intensity. This is the guy who does more talking than he does chopping. One thing I do is workout early to avoid wasting time talking, which often leads to unnecessary rest time. Other than that,  utilize that timer on your phone, when it goes off, go to work. Stop texting, or searching for that perfect song and get to work.

Low intensity cardio is your go to

Hit cardio, is most effective, during high intensity cardio, will cause you to burn fat more effectively.  Stop wasting time with that outdated idea of doing super low intensity cardio to get lean. Mail man walk up to 12 miles a day. How many of them do you see walking around lean?

Eating crap carbs

If your’re eating sugary carbs, and breads, then don’t ask me why your not lean. Most of the time people are neglecting good carbs and eating crap carbs. These refined carbs will ensure, that you’re doughy and not lean. Instead opt for veggies and fruits.

Not monitoring marcos

Don’t tell me, you’re cutting or bulking, if you’re not tracking your macros. You can’t cut if you’re not monitoring your macros, to me you’re just winging a weight loss plan. You can’t tell me that your bulking, if you’re unaware of your macros. People often say these terms loosely, and its irritating, to hear. If you’re serious about getting in shape than take heed to my words.

The savage build: 3 Tips to effectively lose weight

Strength Train

Hitting some weights, will boost the amount of energy you expend. The more energy you expend, the more fat you will burn, in addition to that you’ll also put on lean muscle which will help you burn fat, effortlessly.


Feel fuller longer. Point blank period, the fuller you feel the less likely you are to make poor decisions.

Stay active

Even on days your not training, still shoot for some type of cardio. At least, hit the row machine or treadmill for 30 mins, take the stairs everywhere. These little things will add up over time and keep you on track to loose weight.


Use myfitnesspal

All of my clients are required to use myfitnesspal. I add them and look over there diaries. If you are not actively monitoring what you’re eating, you can’t be mad if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for.  After a while, its okay to deviate, from myfitnesspal, when you’re 100% sure your diet is in check,  and you can eyeball your macros, without the need for an app.

Muscle building essentials


Water, is key to building muscle, because of our bodies being 70% water. This is important to remember because, in order to preform properly you need to be hydrated efficiently. Another thing to consider, is that supplements, and nutrients, are used efficiently, when we are properly hydrated.

Whey Protein

Where whey comes into play, is up for debate with most people, but in order to achieve that savage build, whey is critical. I weigh 165, and I consume, 175-210 crams a day. Now I can hit my macros without supplements, but I will still use whey protein, before and after a workout. I will also use it when I am unable to eat, for example, I keep a couple shaker cups and a tub of protein in my car at all times. This way I avoid unnecessary fast food purchases, and I ensure that I hit my macros, in an effortless manner.


Zero carbs and an excellent source of protein, and healthy fats. I eat salmon, shrimp and tilapia, these are staples in my diet. The reason seafood is essential, is due to the fact that will give you omega fatty acids, which preform various different functions in your body. Namely keeping you anabolic and building muscle.


Turkey, chicken, eggs I know they are cliche staples in a fitness diet. In the nutrition books I have coming out, you’ll get different recipes so your not stuck with bland options. Now eggs I eat with the yolk 9/10. This way I get in some good cholesterol. I often add eggs to my meals outside of only having them at breakfast. For example when I am at home I pop my food in the microwave, and scramble an egg quickly, and then add it into my rice or quinoa.  The idea is to just add in a little extra protein.


Beans help keep you regular, they are an excellent source of protein as well. Beans put us in a position when are insulin levels, keep us building muscle.

Oatmeal and sweet potatoes

Low-glycemic carbs, give use steady fuel and energy through out the day.  This way you can preform optimally in the gym, and outside of the gym as well.



This is just a few  things to keep in mind when you’re trying to  maintain and build muscle. The better you fuel yourself the better, you’ll preform.