The savage build: 3 Tips to effectively lose weight

Strength Train

Hitting some weights, will boost the amount of energy you expend. The more energy you expend, the more fat you will burn, in addition to that you’ll also put on lean muscle which will help you burn fat, effortlessly.


Feel fuller longer. Point blank period, the fuller you feel the less likely you are to make poor decisions.

Stay active

Even on days your not training, still shoot for some type of cardio. At least, hit the row machine or treadmill for 30 mins, take the stairs everywhere. These little things will add up over time and keep you on track to loose weight.


Use myfitnesspal

All of my clients are required to use myfitnesspal. I add them and look over there diaries. If you are not actively monitoring what you’re eating, you can’t be mad if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for.  After a while, its okay to deviate, from myfitnesspal, when you’re 100% sure your diet is in check,  and you can eyeball your macros, without the need for an app.

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