The Savage Build: The reasons you’re not lean yet

Resting longer than necessary

Stop sitting around wasting time, resting over 90 seconds, is unnecessary. I hate when guys say they workout for 2 or 3 hours, but they really workout 45 mins and talk the rest of the time. Your rest time should be in between 30-90 seconds. I set a timer on my phone.  If someone is talking to me, when that time goes off, I tell them to hold that thought and start my next set. Depending on the exercise I will talk and work at the same time. I try not to be Mr. intensity, you no that guy who’s a complete ass hole, because he’s working out and doesn’t want to be interrupted. I also don’t want to be Mr. low intensity. This is the guy who does more talking than he does chopping. One thing I do is workout early to avoid wasting time talking, which often leads to unnecessary rest time. Other than that,  utilize that timer on your phone, when it goes off, go to work. Stop texting, or searching for that perfect song and get to work.

Low intensity cardio is your go to

Hit cardio, is most effective, during high intensity cardio, will cause you to burn fat more effectively.  Stop wasting time with that outdated idea of doing super low intensity cardio to get lean. Mail man walk up to 12 miles a day. How many of them do you see walking around lean?

Eating crap carbs

If your’re eating sugary carbs, and breads, then don’t ask me why your not lean. Most of the time people are neglecting good carbs and eating crap carbs. These refined carbs will ensure, that you’re doughy and not lean. Instead opt for veggies and fruits.

Not monitoring marcos

Don’t tell me, you’re cutting or bulking, if you’re not tracking your macros. You can’t cut if you’re not monitoring your macros, to me you’re just winging a weight loss plan. You can’t tell me that your bulking, if you’re unaware of your macros. People often say these terms loosely, and its irritating, to hear. If you’re serious about getting in shape than take heed to my words.

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