What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is:

  • An easier way of dieting
  • Helpful for those who can’t eat 5-6 times a day.
  • Beneficial for men, may not be as beneficial for women

How it works:

Men fast for 16 hours, women for 14, the goal is for most to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. Basically you have an 8-10 hours to eat. During this time you’re making sure that you hit your macros, especially protein.  The time you spent not eating, you can have black coffee, water, supplements and bcaa’s.  The benefits, of fasting, are healthier brain, and heart, and of course weight loss.

My experience:

I accidentally fasted years ago, when I first started working .Simply because I had to balance work and school, there was a small window of time for me to eat. As a result, I maintained lean muscle mass, where as my friends, especially those who were in better shape than me didn’t. After high school if you haven’t  graduated already, you’ll see the greatest changes in body composition. Not only in yourself but friends as well. A lot of people get fat, or lose their physiques they had in high school. For me I was skinny in high school, even though I did train here and there, and always worked out. I didn’t get serious about training and nutrition until afterwards. But the caveat was, the schedule I had, I would literally be at work than school. This affected the times I had to eat, which resulted i me stuffing my face in my free time.

For me intermittent fasting, kept my body fat low, and when I took training serious and focused on my macros, I saw great results. For a few of my friends who knew what intermittent  fasting, was saw similar benefits. Now where the paradigms shift, were my friends who exercised saw better results than those who didn’t.

I don’t necessarily advocate intermittent  fasting, but if you have a weird schedule, than this may work for you. If there is a demand for it I will definitely expand on this post with some more in depth ones in the near future.

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