Detoxes : The number one fitness scam, what should you do instead


Nothing free is going to aid you in your weight loss in the same manner as these products. Now I will name as many ingredients as I can so that you can compare them to other products on the market.

But one thing I wanna clear up is most of the time when you go to people for free advice, they end up selling you something. I don’t have time to waste nor do I wanna waste your time, I want you to make an informed decision. Use science not emotion to finally reach your goals. **

It’s that time of year. You’ve made it your goal to lose weight, but either you’re afraid of going to the gym or you’ve been going to the gym but need to incorporate that extra boost.

You’ve been hearing a lot about detoxes an cleanses. With it being the new year and all you figure why not give it a go.

You get suckered in to a Herbalife or vi life scam pack, and now you’re out 200$. Initially you lost some weight, and then gained it all back. You don’t know what happened, so you google around and get free advice from the fitness gurus on Facebook.

Because if it’s nothing better than getting free advice from an unqualified fitness professional. The only thing that can beat it is wearing a waist trainer sold to you buy that unqualified fitness professional.

Now this person wants you to mix cayenne pepper lemon juice and syrup together, in order to lose weight. Yet again you’ve  been scammed, brought a product that does nothing for you.

Now initially when doing these scam diets you’re required to eat a lot of callorically low foods. Think fruits and veggies and all the crap you normally don’t eat, that’s good for you. Or you are deprived of food all together, which in turn either option will make you lose weight.

But is your goal to lose weight or fat?

The weight lost you see comes from glycogen stores being depleted. On top of that you’re dehydrated as well so go ahead and add in the fact that you lost water weight too. But that’s not what you’re looking to target unless you’re a fitness model looking to lean out before a photo shoot.

Because your goal is fat loss not weight loss this is the wrong path to take. Fitness models temporarily eat this way or “detox” in order to look leaner. But they understand that once they properly hydrate themselves the water weight and glycogen will flood their bodies once again and they’ll be back where they’ve started.

Know the difference.

For them they understand the difference between weight and fat loss. Most detoxes claim to remove toxins and heavy metals from our body. On top of that they claim to help you lose fat as well.

If that was true why is it that this type of diet fails the great majority?

None of these products tell you exactly what toxins are being removed and there is no follow through. Meaning you don’t know what to do after the detox is over.

The only bigger scam would be waist trainers.

What I recommend is number one bullet proofing your gut.


Gut.fix consistents of a digestive enzyme complex, probiotic complex and glutamine. On top of that you get a list of the right foods to eat year round.

What the digestive enzyme does:

Works inthe stomach, makes sure we’re breaking down and absorbing nutrients appropriately.

What the probiotic does:

Works in are small and large intestines makin sure we have the right bacteria to break down what passes through.

What the glutamine does:

Fights cortisol which causes us to gain weight and recover poorly from workouts. Gives out immune system a boost and brain as well.

Tying them all together.

After effectively making sure we are eatin better and absorbing nutrients efficiently. You can gauge your weight loss and from there upgrade to the d.tox


What is the D.tox?

Not a traditional detox, this is a lot more comprehensive, and backed by a company, that has been around for years. Not only that but if you’ve ever been to the lifetime training facilities then, you know it takes credentials to work there. These gyms are far from the run of the mill pop up shops, with unqualified trainers giving out advice. So it makes sense to invest in products, from companies that have high standards.


What the D.tox includes

Vegan protein and fiber mend, you also get recipes, a grocery list and a few other resources to aid you.

Both the gut.fix and d.tox aid you in getting your diet on track which will help you lose weight and see changes a lot faster than blindly following trends.

I want you guys to stop going things haphazardly. You’ll find when you buckle down and invest in yourself you’ll see greater changes. Changes that last, and when you have solid meals and a program to follow you’ll never have to detox again. Because you will have effectively  reprogrammed your diet and added in the right supplements.

To purchase them or for more info click the links below, or the pictures above.