4 reasons your physique is weak

This post is going to be short and sweet. And is dedicated to the gym bros, and people who fancy themselves as trainers.  Lately I’ve been receiving negative feedback, in terms of the credibility of trainers. Also the unspoken, rivalry of  the average gym bro, who thinks he knows  it all, and the trainers who think they know it all. I have 10 certifications through NASM and ISSA  and I still don’t know it all.


Some trainer, and regular people believe  think they are on the same level as me, but will never have a physique like mines. But you can obtain some of the knowledge I possess.  So if you’re making these mistakes, I am giving away some major keys. This is not intending to de-motivate people but just shine light on  the mistakes their making.

Copying others

People often approach me with some killer workout, they got off Instagram or Facebook. With no context as to what exactly its doing, or how it relates to their goals.  They don’t know  what the exercise is doing, or  if its even beneficial.

This becomes annoying because , following your  favorite, body builder and doing exactly what they are doing at that point and time will not, yield the same physique as them.

They goal is to motivate, and sell whatever they  offer.  Just because you follow them around, living off of their every word, does not mean you will get in shape, and look like them.

Borrowing the workouts you see  me doing with my clients,  or the workouts I do when I am working out ,  will not yield the same results either.

It’s better to try to figure out what works best for you,  or sit down with a qualified professional and get a legit game plan.

No sort of plan

This goes hand and hand with copying other peoples workouts.

Some people just come in and repeat the same exercises day in and day out.

Ego lifting

I see a lot of people moving big weight improperly , and  it makes no sense.  Without proper form,  and the appropriate weight, you’re basically wasting your time in the gym.

I also see on the same token people lifting super easy weight, chasing the perfect contraction, which is again a waste. Once you have a  decent mind muscle connection, it is time to increase the weight accordingly.


This one, is  important to note, because there are a ton of people,  who take gear.  Only to have their lifts comparable to mines. Meaning  I can go deadlift , bench , squat the same weight and often more than guys, who are bigger than me.

I didn’t  and have never had to take steroids,  and have nothing against people who do.  But its not a lack of steroids that makes you weak. Its a lack of proper programming that makes you weak. Its a lack of understanding when it comes to exercise science, that makes you weak.

Especially those, guys who come in and bench and curl every day, that is a clear indication that you’ll be weak forever, and prone to injury forever.


Stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop  letting your ego  crowd, your judgement.

Stop thinking drugs are the answer, when you lack the proper knowledge to obtain a decent physique.

Stop  copying others, and stop  thinking you have to compete with trainers.

You’re favorite athletes, have trainers and coaches, multiple people around them , building them up.  I seek knowledge from anyone with  proper credentials, I don’t guess. And I don’t let  fitness celebrities, dictate, my workouts, and what I want to achieve. I operate with my own goals in mind at all times.

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