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Is steady state cardio worth it?

Is steady state cardio worth it?

Steady state cardio has its benefits, it can promote greater fat loss, how ever it is time consuming. Outside of cardio, programming is key to having an efficient weight loss, or cutting regimen.

What about H.I.I.T?

Hi intensity cardio,    when done properly and in line, with your goals and exercise program. When can  effectively cut the amount of time spent doing cardio in half. However there is some potential to possibly burn muscle as well.

So is high intensity cardio, better than steady state cardio?

Steady  State cardio promotes  greater fat loss, and greater aerobic efficiency. Hi intensity cardio promotes a higher metabolism,  and keeps you burning fat throughout the rest of the day. If done properly you can keep your metabolism high, for hours even days after the workout.

My final Answer?

A solid program will have a blend of both depending on the length of the program you’re  following. Both steady state cardio, and hi intensity cardio  have their  benefits.  My training however is more geared  towards hi intensity cardio. For me and a majority of my clients,  hi intensity cardio, is the go to form of cardio.

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