reverse tricep extension

The number one reason your arms are small

This article is going to be short simple and sweet. As a kid I wanted arms the size of superman’s, I’m not saying that I have achieved that, but my arm’s are definitely one of my best features. So day in and day out, the number one question most guys ask me is :

“How do I get my biceps big?”

 This way of thinking, is why your arms are small.

The bicep is only one small portion of your are, the tricep is the answer. Most guys come in day in and day out and curl, their life away, and neglect the back of their arms. But building your triceps will increase your biceps size and appearance. Its still imperative to train both.

There’s your answer.

I give my triceps twice the work because they are a bigger muscle group, and are involved in all pressing movements. I work my biceps because they become a stabilizer in pressing movements, and a few other movements.

Inherently, both muscle groups can grow from, being involved in  most movement as a secondary muscle group. But for me I still feel the need to hit them directly, because they are my best feature.

I do believe a majority of the gym hates, training legs, and the other majority hates direct arm work, but in terms of your ideal physique, you must train accordingly.



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