Top supplements for increasing testosterone

I often get asked what are the top supplements for increasing testosterone?

What we need to understand about increasing testosterone, is that there are a lot of scams and snake oil on the market. The supplements I am going to mention are keys to troubleshooting any low testosterone levels, you may have.

Think of these supplements, as inexpensive tools, you can add to your toolbox.

What about testosterone boosters?

Fuck ’em, most of them on the market are going to have the same ingredients as these supplements. Testosterone boosters, can come in handy if you’re too lazy to take individual supplements, but they may not provide you optimal dosages of each supplement.

What do I recommend you take to increase testosterone?

Vitamin D3

These supplements are going to bring up your test levels to their optimal levels.

Supplemental supplements that may increase testosterone:

Zinc and Magnesium

You will see these two on multiple lists I have regarding supplements? Why because we lose them through sweat, and the foods we eat lack these minerals.


Additionally Zinc and Magnesium should not be taken together, they should be taken at different times of the day, to maximize their absorption rates.

Vitamin D3

You will see this vitamin on multiple lists I write as well. Vitamin D3 as with zinc and magnesium provide our bodies with a number of different benefits.

For example if we are self diagnosing ourselves, you may be deficient in these vitamins and minerals, and that may simply be inhibiting your ability to produce adequate testosterone levels. Or it may simply be inhibiting your energy levels.

What vitamin d3 does in terms of increasing testosterone, vitamin d3 simply plays a role ensuring our bodies are manufacturing hormones properly,

Bed time stack

Vitamin d3

Taking this stack before bed can be an ideal way to incorporate these supplements, and help facilitate higher test levels.


Supplements can take up to a year to show signs, of a positive effect on the body, depending on the individual. If you have true concerns about increasing testosterone levels, please consult your doctor. If you have any further questions comment below.

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