The best way to put on weight

The main thing we focus on, in the fitness community is losing weight, most of my clients goals are to lose weight. The reason is obviously due to the fact that we have an obesity epidemic.

Now the caveat is there are a few people who consider themselves underweight. For example before I started lifting weights, I was 110 lbs, compared to being 175 lbs. So one thing that I am a strong advocate of is implementing resistance training into you current regimen. Building lean muscle mass, will give you the illusion of “weighing more”. But this article will focus on the diet side of things because that’s important as well.

The diet

The best way to put on weight is to change your diet. Most of us know that at the most basic level consuming more calories will put on weight. The downside is if you do it wrong you’ll just end up fat. Usually we turn to high fat foods, or sugary foods, because they are high in calories. This is the wrong method to turn to.

What you want to do instead

Shoot for tracking and monitoring your caloric intake, you want to shoot for putting an emphasis on eating good quality food. I give all my clients meal plans to follow based off of their current diets and foods they like, that way its easier to achieve your goals.

The app I have my clients use is called myfitnesspal. Once you set up the app, I have my clients set their metrics up to 40% protein 40% carbs 20% fats. I discuss this throughout in my fitness books, and meal plans.

The best way to put on weight

Protein can never be turned into fat, carbs provide our bodies with energy, and fats can provide energy. Our goal is to add lean tissue to our bodies not fat.

One reason we don’t gain weight is because we don”t track what we eat. I guarantee if you monitor your habits for a month you’ll be able to monitor and track your results. You can’t make changes if you don’t track your progress.

Increasing your calories will allow you to put on weight efficiently. Making sure we are eating quality foods will help ward off fat, and put on lean muscle.

Muscle is density, and doesn’t weight more than fat, the fact that muscle is dense, gives you the illusion of weighing more. For girls, it will only add curves, and weight in a positive way. For Guys it will add on size and mass. Women don’t produce enough testosterone to bulk up like a guy. And guys don’t produce enough estrogen, to look like a girl.

So essentially this is a simple outline to follow to add on size. If you would like me to go in depth more  shoot me a message, or comment below.

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