Random questions answered vol 1

Random Q&A’s

Whats good, Whats good I’m Darius Savage thanks for tuning in, today I am answering q and a’s if you have a question submit them to me, and I will answer them,

How often should you change your workout routine?

This is going to be very quick here are some super basic principles to follow:
When it’s no longer a challenge
Every 4-12 weeks
Exercises stay the same and you rotate time under tension, speed and any other variables that can change the workout intensity.

What are your go to back exercises?

  1. Pull ups for the upper back
  2. Single arm rows for lats
  3. Dead lift for overall mass and to target lower back

How to spot a gym fuck boy 101:

  1. They slam weights
  2. They use shitty form, ego lift and only do their best lifts to show off
  3. Only work on their show muscles, chest bis, if they can see it they’ll train it
  4. They lift and grunt for attention, they also wear bodybuilder-esque clothing, walk around with imaginary lats, and an alpha walk as well.

What’s the number one tip to improve no matter what your goal (whether it’s weight loss, sports performance, bodybuilding)?

Program and experiment, track and record your results, you want to create a plan or have a plan developed. Follow that plan and make adjustments as needed

I hit a plateau with my bench press max what should I do?

There are a ton of different things you can do to increase your max, I’ll give you 4

  1. Bench press more and get more efficient with the movement
    Increase your bent over barbell row, This should be relative, to your bench press, I can row 345, most elite lifters can row a one rep max similar to their one rep bench max or their theoretical max
  2. Overhead presses should be anywhere from 1/4-1/2 or your bench press max, this is theoretical and practical for those who bench under 405 lbs
  3. Pull ups are another definite must, tighten up that upper back and you’ll see the weight one the bench increase

I get lost when I count reps what can I do to count better?

Since the blood is flooding to other regions besides the brain, I understand, Charles Poliquin , google him, has worked with many elite lifters, and a piece of advice I have gotten from him is o count backwards, this is something that I have benefited from.

Tips to increase your 3 big lifts?

Squeeze the back this makes more muscles fire optimally
Program variations, proper recovery, and nutrition. If you’re not doing this you’re leaving yourself open to injury and plateaus as far as the eyes can see.
Figure out what lagging muscles are holding back your strength and gain, and then attack them accordingly.

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