10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer


I did my reasons not to be a personal trainer, now I am going to explain why becoming a personal training is beneficial. Outside of personal training, I am going to launch my entrepreneur and business brand soon. This way you guys can get a better understanding of how I make my money and how you can make money as well. That way you can do things you’re passionate about. Versus chasing trends or being stuck in dead end jobs.

Rewarding work

You have the opportunity to change lives, I’ve been blessed to work with people and build them up mentally and physically. Its truly rewarding to be able to change people for the better. I’ve worked retail, in restaurants, doing odd jobs, and things to make money. But training others has always left me feeling rewarded, I never have a day where I’ve regretting training.


Lets face it there is an obesity epidemic, most people will try to get surgery, but all of these elective surgeries aren’t safe and are dangerous so most people, will get turned off when they see the nuances of the elective surgeries they omit from tv. Some people will still get the surgery and still have to see you anyways.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting, is a small niche, and most people will try to do it themselves,and when they fail they will still end up seeking you out. But the primary demand we will have as trainers will be weightloss, seniors, and the occasional person interested in your niche or specialty style of training.

Be your own boss

Technically in a corporate job you will have a boss, but as long as you are making money you can do whatever you want, even when people tell on you, nothing happens because you bring the gym profit,

Diverse people

Lets face it, I’m an African american male, and i’m not famous, this is one of the few industries, where people who would normally, not be comfortable talking to me, will get to know me.

I often get comments about, being from a different race, and you get to see that we are all the same in many aspects.

Its cool that I am in the fitness industry and I can make an impact on people, who I would never have a chance to make a positive impact on.
The industry is changing and game changers
There are different markets and venues opening up online and other places, so we aren’t limited to brick and mortar gyms.


You have flexibility, you can call off whenever you want, no one wants to train on holidays, so you have freedom there. I am a work horse so I will train from sun up to sundown.


The sky’s the limit, outside of training I do a number of different things, just because my schedule allows me to. For the most part I work as a brand consultant and help people build up their brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. As far as training is concerned I made 60k last year. I work for a different company now, than I did last year. At my old company I got paid for memberships, and pretty much everything. At my new company, I only get paid off of selling and servicing training.

It’s important, to work for the right companies, I don’t recommend la fitness or planet, or charter fitness. You will not make money. Any place that is not giving you at least 25% or better in terms of commission, it is not worth your time.

Now you can start somewhere small or at one of these companies to learn how to train and sell, but outside of that don’t don’t pick up any bad habit.

Also most places will pay you more based off of your certifications, and degrees, so outside of knowing more, and being able to better service people you’ll make more, And work less.


When you work with legit trainers you, can learn so much. You also find out what certifications and seminars are worth pursuing, and what seminars to go to. Not only will this make you a great trainer, but you will pick up tools and tips to apply to yourself as well.


You can find a niche market and crush it, for example group training is in demand, you can get certs that give you in depth knowledge of a subject, and apply it to your clientele. Now its important to keep in mind weight loss is the primary market right now, and group training because it’s cheaper than personal training. But if you master these two fields, you can delve into your niche markets. After or in addition to helping someone lose weight, you can teach someone to box, or mma or whatever your niche is. Powerlifting and bodybuilding as a niche, can work but it’s a high amount of bro science out there, and a large population or gear users out there as well.

The benefit of people using steroids, is that a majority of them still lack the knowledge needed to get in great shape, so you will still end up training them at some point. But you have to understand that bodybuilding and powerlifting aren’t optimal markets to try to make a career out of. But I can be done.

Free membership

Sounds corny I know but think about it I have 3 people besides myself that don’t pay for a membership at 60$ a month per person that’s a little under 2900 that i’m saving.

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