What I listen to | Trap Workout playlists | Future

This blog will feature my top songs by Future.

People often ask me stereotypical questions like what I eat, and stuff like that. But every now and again people ask me what I listen to.

I try to pick an artist who has a catalog I can make a playlist from and go ham. I listen to more than just trap but today is a future day.. SO, That’s why I am doing him first.

I will mix them up into smaller lists of five when I make the video series to follow up.

Beast mode, Monster and 56 Nights, are considered part of “a trilogy of album-quality mixtapes”.

“Chosen one” and “March Madness” are two of the main reasons I am a Future fan. Outside of those songs, I like “itchin” and a few other songs, but those two, and the trilogy of mixtapes, made me a fan.

I will post my top Jay-z Songs soon so stay tuned.

This is a list of mixtapes, and albums I poured through, I will add standout lyrics and other information as time goes on, but for now just enjoy what I have listed, I will add spotify playlists soon as well.


Monster (2014)
Beast Mode (2015)
56 Nights (2015)
What a Time to Be Alive (with Drake) (2015)
Purple Reign (2016)


DS2 (2015)
EVOL (2016)
FUTURE (2017)
HNDRXX (2017)


Monster (2014)

“Fuck Up Some Commas”
“Throw Away”
“After That”
“My Savages”
“2 Pac”

Beast Mode (2015)

“Oooooh” (featuring Young Scooter)
“Lay Up”
“Aintchu” (featuring Juvenile)
“Real Sisters”
“Forever Eva”

56 Nights (2015)

“Never Gon Lose”
“Purple Coming In”
“Diamonds from Africa”
“March Madness”
“Trap Niggas”
“56 Nights”

What a Time to Be Alive (2015)

“Digital Dash”
“Live from the Gutter”

Purple Reign (2016)

“All Right”
“Never Forget”
“Inside the Mattress”
“Hater Shit”
“No Charge”


DS2 (2015)

“Thought It Was a Drought”
“Stick Talk”
“Freak Hoe”
“Slave Master”
“Blow a Bag”
“Blood on the Money”

EVOL (2016)

“Xanny Family”
“Photo Copied”
“Seven Rings”
“Lie to Me”
“Low Life”
“Fly Shit Only”

FUTURE (2017)

“Rent Money”
“Mask Off”
“High Demand”
“Outta Time”
“Might as Well”
“Feds Did a Sweep”

HNDRXX (2017)

“My Collection”
“Comin Out Strong”
“Lookin Exotic”
“Use Me”
“Turn On Me”

Random songs :

“Chosen one”
“New Level”
“News Or Something”
“Mask Off (Remix)”

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