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Jay z is someone I consider a GOAT (Greatest of all time).

Through the years, I heard his songs on the radio growing up. The first workout playlist I had, was a demo cd of he black album, this was way before mp3’s.

I am only going to review a handful of his albums. Another notable fact, is The Blueprint 2 was my the first real cd I ever purchased. I consider Reasonable Doubt, one of the best albums he’s done to date.

I will re-do this list soon, because I need to be more critical and also, I have to listen to some of the songs again to decide if they really should make the list.

Note this is not my all time favorite songs, by JAYZ.. These are just my favorite off of those particular albums.


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Reasonable Doubt (1996)

“Can’t Knock the Hustle” (featuring Mary J. Blige)
“Politics as Usual”
“Dead Presidents II”
“Feelin’ It”
“22 Two’s”
“Can I Live”
“Friend or Foe”
“Coming of Age”
“Cashmere Thoughts”
“Bring It On”

The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)

 *Dynasty is definitly in my top ten JAYZ songs off all time, and Lupe Fiasco, and a few other artist, have dope freestyles over the beat.

“Intro / Dynasty”
“This Can’t Be Life”
“Soon You’ll Understand”

The Blueprint (2001)

“The Ruler’s Back”
“Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”
“Girls, Girls, Girls”
“Jigga That Nigga”
“U Don’t Know”
“Hola’ Hovito”
“Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)”
“Never Change”
“Song Cry”
“All I Need”
“Renegade” (featuring Eminem)
“Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”

The Blueprint2: The Gift & The Curse (2002)

“A Dream”
“Hovi Baby”
“The Watcher 2”
“Excuse Me Miss”
“What They Gonna Do”
“All Around the World”
“Poppin’ Tags”
“I Did It My Way”
“Diamond Is Forever”
“U Don’t Know (Remix)”
“Meet the Parents”

The Black Album (2003)

 *I can pretty much listen through this entire album, although: "Threat","PSA", "What More Can I Say" & "Encore" are my favorites.

“December 4th”
“What More Can I Say”
“Change Clothes”
“Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
“Moment of Clarity”
“99 Problems”
“Public Service Announcement (Interlude)”
“Justify My Thug”
“My 1st Song”

Kingdom Come (2006)

*Rarely listen to this album

“Show Me What You Got”
“Lost One”
“Do U Wanna Ride”
“30 Something”
“I Made It”
“Dig a Hole”
“Minority Report”
“Beach Chair”

American Gangster (2007)

 *A solid album, considered his return album most, fans skip over kingdom come all together, I've omitted two tracks I don't care for.

“American Dreamin'”
“No Hook”
“Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)…”
“I Know”
“Ignorant Shit”
“Say Hello”
“Blue Magic”
“American Gangster”

The Blueprint 3 (2009)

“What We Talkin’ About”
“Thank You”
“D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”
“Run This Town”
“Empire State of Mind”
“Real as It Gets”
“A Star Is Born”
“Already Home”
“So Ambitious”

Watch the Throne (2011)

 *Classic Album can't be critical of this one

“No Church in the Wild”
“Lift Off”
“Niggas in Paris”
“Gotta Have It”
“New Day”
“That’s My Bitch”
“Welcome to the Jungle”
“Who Gon Stop Me”
“Murder to Excellence”
“Made in America”
“Why I Love You”

Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013)

 *I probably skip "Picasso Baby", and "Versus".

“Holy Grail”
“Picasso Baby”
“Tom Ford”
“Part II (On the Run)”
“Beach Is Better”
“JAY Z Blue”
“La Familia”
“Nickels and Dimes”

4:44 (2017)

*Admittedly, its easier to critique this album, because it's newer, but in terms of playing it through a workout, these are my go to songs.

“Kill Jay Z”
“Family Feud”
“Marcy Me”


Next, I am going to review: Young Thug, Kanye West, Drake, J.cole  and Kendrick Lamar. If you have any suggestions let me know.

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