What is the ketogenic diet?

What is the ketogenic diet?

Low carb diet, high in fat high in protein.

I will make in depth post at a later date, and a video. Comment if you have any questions.

Short explanation

Ketones are produced in the liver and used as energy.

How the typical diet works

Chances are is its high carb, high fat, filled with things you you believe to be healthy. That’s a story for a different day.

High carb diets leave our bodies with excess glucose to burn for energy, and whatever we don’t burn is stored as excess fat. In addition to whatever fat we consume in our diet.

Insulin the process that transport glucose around the body.

This means what?

Since we typically eat high carbs and aren’t active or as active as we should be. We only burn Glucose, and store fat as fat, this is the reason why we don’t like the number on the scale.

What does a keto diet do?

Lowering carbs in the body causes a metabolic change in the body, known as ketosis.

This is a natural process to help our bodies during famines, and long periods of going without food.

When we deplete carbs, our liver turns fats into ketones, to use for energy.

The goal of being Keto is to force our body to stay in this metabolic state.

Benefits When properly in Ketosis

  • Weight loss
  • Physical performance
  • Mental performance

What not to eat on KETO

  • 30 or less net carbs(This is dependent on the person)
  • Avoid all refined carbs(breads, pasta)
  • Avoid starches(beans, potatoes)
  • Avoid most fruits

A little more specific

Grains: Corn, rice, Cereal.
Sugar: Refined sugars, honey, syrup.
Fruit : Apples, Oranges, Bananas.
Potatoes, yams.

What Can I eat on Keto?

  • Protein (Red meat, pork, fatty fish, etc)
  • High Fat Dairy
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Berries & Avocado
  • Sugar Stevia
  • Fats Coconut Oil, etc
  • Above ground veggies, Broccoli, Spinach, etc

Keto Macros

(Pie Chart)


  • Don’t count carbs from fiber
  • Snack mindfully throughout the day
  • Meals should be mostly Fat and protein,and veggies

Veggies on keto diet

Spinach, green beans, kale etc.
Serving size 1/2-1 cup
Add olive or coconut oil to the veggies to get in more fat.

How to know if you are in Ketosis

Use the One Touch glucose monitor.
Symptoms: Keto Flu, Dry mouth Bad breath, Increased urination.

Variations(More videos coming soon)

  • Cyclical or Bodybuilder variations, will make a video soon.
    Targeted: Small amount of fast digesting carbs before a workout.
    Standard: What I discussed today.

More Tips

  • Read food levels
  • General rule of thumb Too much protein can lower Ketosis
  • Fat is the primary source of energy
  • Don’t mindlessly snack
  • Supplement appropriately (separate video)
  • Fasting or intermittent fasting can ensure you reach ketosis (separate video)
  • A good Multi Magnesium, Potassium

What should my macros be

I will have a calculator up soon, for now just use this link .

General rule of thumb is 70%  fat 25% protein 5% carbs here’s an example using me:

Goal: To use build muscle.

257 g fats
30 g carbs
183 g protein

Based on my goals : 3166 calories.

From those calories : 257g fats, 30g net carbs, and 183g protein.

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