About Fydtt


My name is Darius Savage, I am currently pursuing a career in the fitness industry, but I also have my foot in other industries as well.


Currently I run an online personal training service, I am also a full time student,  I lead a busy life but still manage to balance it all. But the main thing I try to do is find others who I can inspire to reach their goals, because I’ve come from a place, where logic would say, it shouldn’t be possible for a SAVAGE like me to be accomplishing the things, that I am doing, and it shouldn’t be possible for me to help others, accomplish their goals, but logic, doesn’t exist in my world, because as it stands anything is possible.


I would say the SAVAGE ideology I have developed is what makes me unique and the fact that I am willing to teach these principles to others is what makes it even better. We live in a AVERAGE world where no one wants to push their limits, and  being a SAVAGE embodies the complete opposite of being AVERAGE, its about pushing your limits, whether you do it out in the open or move silently, either way its about moving like a boss and accomplishing the things you have set forth for yourself to do.


I deliver results point blank period, the point of this blog and my other endeavors is to show you guys how to manipulate the system to win, whether its to accomplish fitness goals, or to accomplish some other arbitrary  goals. I am not one of these guys who will want you to depend on my services for forever, my goals are to teach you the principles, and the system, so you can take it and build yourself a dynasty.




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