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What is the ketogenic diet?

What is the ketogenic diet?

Low carb diet, high in fat high in protein.

I will make in depth post at a later date, and a video. Comment if you have any questions.

Short explanation

Ketones are produced in the liver and used as energy.

How the typical diet works

Chances are is its high carb, high fat, filled with things you you believe to be healthy. That’s a story for a different day.

High carb diets leave our bodies with excess glucose to burn for energy, and whatever we don’t burn is stored as excess fat. In addition to whatever fat we consume in our diet.

Insulin the process that transport glucose around the body.

This means what?

Since we typically eat high carbs and aren’t active or as active as we should be. We only burn Glucose, and store fat as fat, this is the reason why we don’t like the number on the scale.

What does a keto diet do?

Lowering carbs in the body causes a metabolic change in the body, known as ketosis.

This is a natural process to help our bodies during famines, and long periods of going without food.

When we deplete carbs, our liver turns fats into ketones, to use for energy.

The goal of being Keto is to force our body to stay in this metabolic state.

Benefits When properly in Ketosis

  • Weight loss
  • Physical performance
  • Mental performance

What not to eat on KETO

  • 30 or less net carbs(This is dependent on the person)
  • Avoid all refined carbs(breads, pasta)
  • Avoid starches(beans, potatoes)
  • Avoid most fruits

A little more specific

Grains: Corn, rice, Cereal.
Sugar: Refined sugars, honey, syrup.
Fruit : Apples, Oranges, Bananas.
Potatoes, yams.

What Can I eat on Keto?

  • Protein (Red meat, pork, fatty fish, etc)
  • High Fat Dairy
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Berries & Avocado
  • Sugar Stevia
  • Fats Coconut Oil, etc
  • Above ground veggies, Broccoli, Spinach, etc

Keto Macros

(Pie Chart)


  • Don’t count carbs from fiber
  • Snack mindfully throughout the day
  • Meals should be mostly Fat and protein,and veggies

Veggies on keto diet

Spinach, green beans, kale etc.
Serving size 1/2-1 cup
Add olive or coconut oil to the veggies to get in more fat.

How to know if you are in Ketosis

Use the One Touch glucose monitor.
Symptoms: Keto Flu, Dry mouth Bad breath, Increased urination.

Variations(More videos coming soon)

  • Cyclical or Bodybuilder variations, will make a video soon.
    Targeted: Small amount of fast digesting carbs before a workout.
    Standard: What I discussed today.

More Tips

  • Read food levels
  • General rule of thumb Too much protein can lower Ketosis
  • Fat is the primary source of energy
  • Don’t mindlessly snack
  • Supplement appropriately (separate video)
  • Fasting or intermittent fasting can ensure you reach ketosis (separate video)
  • A good Multi Magnesium, Potassium

What should my macros be

I will have a calculator up soon, for now just use this link .

General rule of thumb is 70%  fat 25% protein 5% carbs here’s an example using me:

Goal: To use build muscle.

257 g fats
30 g carbs
183 g protein

Based on my goals : 3166 calories.

From those calories : 257g fats, 30g net carbs, and 183g protein.

Bio Hacking | Weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements 101

Learning what basic components make up weight loss supplements, can make or break your ability to purchase quality supplements. This is going to be a quick article detailing what you need to do in order to make smart purchasing decisions. Alternatively, you can buy and experiment with some of these, supplements, rather than buying a brand name fat burner.

Are fat burners or Weight loss supplements worth it?

I get asked this question often, are fat burners or weight loss supplements, worth it? My short answer is it depends. I’ve seen people take weight loss supplements and barely exercise let alone change their diets. Did those people get results? I’ve seen mavericks who in this niche population who believe they don’t need to exercise lose weight, just from implementing a weight loss supplement. But the opposite is true as well. I’ve seen people not get results, and its largely to blame on the fact that they didn’t change their diets or exercise at all.

Now on the other side of the coin I’ve seen people change everything and lose weight rather quickly, and people who despite changing everything didn’t lose weight as fast as weight loss supplement companies would like you to believe.

Where does Bio hacking come into play.

I’m appropriating the word bio hacking here. The reason I am doing that is so that you understand, how each individual ingredient plays a role in weight loss supplements. Often times many weight loss supplements are under-dosed. Meaning they may contain the ingredients necessary to lose weight. But not at an adequate dosage.

The term bio hacking simply means, using the ingredients I will list below as a tool to modify what you are currently doing. Thus being able to induce weight loss, and understand the how and why things must be done in a certain format.

I want to take the mystery out of the basics of weight loss, so that a majority of people can see results as fast as possible. There will still be outliers with medical conditions the may require additional help. This blueprint should get the ball rolling for a majority of you guys.

Using Weight loss Supplements to bio hack our bodies.

I will now briefly outline the main ingredients found in weight loss supplements, that you can purchase, as stand alone products. You can take them in conjunction with each each other, or one at a time, to see what yields the best results for you.


Caffeine is a staple in all stimulant based weight loss supplements. It functions as a thermogenic, and fat burner.

A thermogenic, basically raises the body’s temperature, which can result in weight loss. In terms of being a fat burner, it breaks down triglycerides and into fatty acids, which our bodies then use for fuel.

Always start on the low end in terms of dosages, you would start off a 100 mg and slowly add 50-100 mg, over time, its recommended that you don’t go over 450 mg.


Yohimbine is something I would consider a lot more aggressive than caffeine. It’s mostly used by men, as well. Some use Yohimbine, as a libido enhancer. Outside of that interesting fact.

It is primarily used by the weight loss supplement companies, as an active ingredient in many products.

I’ve also seen women use Yohimbine , and lose a significant amount of weight from it. Yohimbine however, due to its aggressive nature should be used sparingly, in a cycle format. Meaning either 2 weeks on two weeks off, or a month on and a month off. Yohimbine is not something that should be used long term.


5-HTP is primarily used to reduce carb cravings which can be especially beneficial, during a weight loss journey. 5-HTP can even be useful for those who a looking to cut for a bodybuilding show. It even has cognitive functions as well.

Bio Hacking | Weight loss supplements Summary

This is just a quick briefing, the next time you consider buying a weight loss supplement, check the ingredients to see if any of these are listed. As time goes on I am going to tighten up my writing and re vamp my articles. I have 40 wrote so far, when I get to 100 I am going to edit them and restructure them so they flow better. In the mean time if you have any questions shoot me a message or comment below.

The best way to put on weight

The main thing we focus on, in the fitness community is losing weight, most of my clients goals are to lose weight. The reason is obviously due to the fact that we have an obesity epidemic.

Now the caveat is there are a few people who consider themselves underweight. For example before I started lifting weights, I was 110 lbs, compared to being 175 lbs. So one thing that I am a strong advocate of is implementing resistance training into you current regimen. Building lean muscle mass, will give you the illusion of “weighing more”. But this article will focus on the diet side of things because that’s important as well.

The diet

The best way to put on weight is to change your diet. Most of us know that at the most basic level consuming more calories will put on weight. The downside is if you do it wrong you’ll just end up fat. Usually we turn to high fat foods, or sugary foods, because they are high in calories. This is the wrong method to turn to.

What you want to do instead

Shoot for tracking and monitoring your caloric intake, you want to shoot for putting an emphasis on eating good quality food. I give all my clients meal plans to follow based off of their current diets and foods they like, that way its easier to achieve your goals.

The app I have my clients use is called myfitnesspal. Once you set up the app, I have my clients set their metrics up to 40% protein 40% carbs 20% fats. I discuss this throughout in my fitness books, and meal plans.

The best way to put on weight

Protein can never be turned into fat, carbs provide our bodies with energy, and fats can provide energy. Our goal is to add lean tissue to our bodies not fat.

One reason we don’t gain weight is because we don”t track what we eat. I guarantee if you monitor your habits for a month you’ll be able to monitor and track your results. You can’t make changes if you don’t track your progress.

Increasing your calories will allow you to put on weight efficiently. Making sure we are eating quality foods will help ward off fat, and put on lean muscle.

Muscle is density, and doesn’t weight more than fat, the fact that muscle is dense, gives you the illusion of weighing more. For girls, it will only add curves, and weight in a positive way. For Guys it will add on size and mass. Women don’t produce enough testosterone to bulk up like a guy. And guys don’t produce enough estrogen, to look like a girl.

So essentially this is a simple outline to follow to add on size. If you would like me to go in depth more  shoot me a message, or comment below.

Top supplements for increasing testosterone

I often get asked what are the top supplements for increasing testosterone?

What we need to understand about increasing testosterone, is that there are a lot of scams and snake oil on the market. The supplements I am going to mention are keys to troubleshooting any low testosterone levels, you may have.

Think of these supplements, as inexpensive tools, you can add to your toolbox.

What about testosterone boosters?

Fuck ’em, most of them on the market are going to have the same ingredients as these supplements. Testosterone boosters, can come in handy if you’re too lazy to take individual supplements, but they may not provide you optimal dosages of each supplement.

What do I recommend you take to increase testosterone?

Vitamin D3

These supplements are going to bring up your test levels to their optimal levels.

Supplemental supplements that may increase testosterone:

Zinc and Magnesium

You will see these two on multiple lists I have regarding supplements? Why because we lose them through sweat, and the foods we eat lack these minerals.


Additionally Zinc and Magnesium should not be taken together, they should be taken at different times of the day, to maximize their absorption rates.

Vitamin D3

You will see this vitamin on multiple lists I write as well. Vitamin D3 as with zinc and magnesium provide our bodies with a number of different benefits.

For example if we are self diagnosing ourselves, you may be deficient in these vitamins and minerals, and that may simply be inhibiting your ability to produce adequate testosterone levels. Or it may simply be inhibiting your energy levels.

What vitamin d3 does in terms of increasing testosterone, vitamin d3 simply plays a role ensuring our bodies are manufacturing hormones properly,

Bed time stack

Vitamin d3

Taking this stack before bed can be an ideal way to incorporate these supplements, and help facilitate higher test levels.


Supplements can take up to a year to show signs, of a positive effect on the body, depending on the individual. If you have true concerns about increasing testosterone levels, please consult your doctor. If you have any further questions comment below.

Stop doing fad Diets | Do this instead

Fad Diets don’t work
I don’t believe in doing something because it’s trending. This is not limited to diets but all things in life. Fad diets, can potentially, cause you to lose some weight, but it’s only a short term weight loss. On top of that most people only stick with a fad diet long enough to lose water weight. After that they are back to their old habits. They gain back their weight and potentially more weight.

Set small goals instead.
Every week or every two weeks, hell even every month set a goal to accomplish. This way you can slowly change your eating regimen, for the better.

The following things should be implemented in you eating regimen, in order to put yourself on a progressive continuum.

Plan your week out
Save money on the amount of food you consume, by planning out a grocery list. This way you know exactly what to get and you cut down on the amount of money you waste on crap you don’t need.

Meal prep
Do it yourself or find a reliable meal prep company in your area, this will insure, you don’t waste money on unhealthy restaurant food.

Reduce sugars
Limiting the amount of sugars, will cut the amount of fat you store from unnecessary sugars.
You can use the app fooducate to determine whats the best and worst foods to consume.

Water intake
Staying properly hydrated is going to do wonders for you. In addition to making sure you’re hydrated its an important component to making sure you stay healthy over all. In addition to cutting down on sugars. Water consumption will cut down on the amount of juice and pop you drink. You can also water down your juice or pop, if you’re a hardcore pop and juice drinker, this will allow you to slowly taper off them.

These are just some small things you can do to ensure you limit that amount of time you spend doing fad diets. Inherently most fad diets, utilize these principles with other concepts in their diets. So its safe to say most fad diets will tell you to up your water intake and cut sugars.

If you have any topics you want to see covered comment below.

Top 3 Supplements you to see results

This post will touch on my top 3 supplements you should be taking and why.

Plus two bonus Items and honorable mentions


The quality of ingredients makes a huge difference in how your body absorbs nutrients.

Cheap supplements are made from cheap ingredients. A good way to think of things, would be to use a car analogy. There is some things a street mechanic, can fix with no problem, and certain things only a skilled licensed can fix.Our bodies can get some nutrients, from cheap products, but it’s not optimal.

Pharmaceutical/Performance grade ingredients

We need to fuel ourselves properly, outside of the RDA and Daily allowances. Most supplements on the market are accounting for the lost antioxidants, and lost minerals that play a huge role in our recovery. This creates a problem, with how we feel while in the gym and even the subsequent days following a workout. The better we recover the better the results.

NO, your not getting what you need from food.

Unless you’re eating 100% organic foods grown in the right regions, that have the proper nutrients in the soil you’re not getting what you need from food alone. The same foods, grown on the same farms, year in and year out have left the soil depleted, therefore lacking the nutrients we need. GMO products only further the lack of nutrients in our foods.


Multi Performance  Complex

Life Time Fitness Multi Performance Complex

This is better than your one a day multi, which may be under dosed in ingredients. The things that stand out in this product are as follows.

  • Green tea phytosome to  support energy and fat  metabolism.
  • Curcumin phytosome to  promote healthy inflammation  response.
  • Relora® to support relaxation,  rest and recovery from  exercise and everyday stress.
  •  Helps enhance your exercise, recovery and immune system
  •  AM formula for daytime energy, PM formula for nighttime   recovery


BCAA/Post Workout

Life Time Fitness BCAA/Post Workout - Kiwi Strawberry - 36 serving

Scientifically proven to make you stronger and fitter. Amino acids aren’t just for body builders and elite athletes. They’re also great for anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass, get stronger and have more energy. And people who want to lose weight or recover from workouts faster.

If any or all of the benefits above sound good to you, you should consider taking Life Time Amino Complex, a dietary supplement that helps promote:

  • Lean muscle mass and strength
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Enhanced energy and metabolism
  • Mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Increased exercise capacity and recovery

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Life Time Fitness Omega-3 Fish Oil


The finest fish oil you can find. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week. That’s because fish are a great source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help support heart, brain, nerve and eye health.

But what if you don’t like fish? Then Life Time Omega-3 Fish Oil is just what the heart doctor ordered. Each gelcap provides you with 600 mg of ultra-purified EPA and DHA Omega-3s. You won’t find any heavy metals or toxins here. Plus, they’re flavored with real peppermint oil. Take one gelcap a day and you’re good to go.

Honorable mentions:


Life Time Fitness Grass Fed Whey Protein (Strawberry Creme)

Not all whey proteins are created equal. What sets Life Time Grass Fed Whey Protein apart is that it comes from cows that graze on the rich, green pastures of New Zealand. These cows are never injected with milk-producing hormones. And their diet is free of bad stuff like chemical additives and antibiotics.

Its an honorable mention, because protein, consumption should go without saying.

Scosche Heart Rate monitor

Scosche Rhythm Plus Heart Rate Monitor

The RHYTHM+ heart rate monitor comfortably wraps around your forearm. Using optical sensors, it sees and measures your blood flow and body movement to accurately monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, pace and more.

Honorable mention, because it’s something I use on all my clients, and in group classes. After every workout you know exactly what you accomplished, in terms of fat burned, and calories burned.


What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is:

  • An easier way of dieting
  • Helpful for those who can’t eat 5-6 times a day.
  • Beneficial for men, may not be as beneficial for women

How it works:

Men fast for 16 hours, women for 14, the goal is for most to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. Basically you have an 8-10 hours to eat. During this time you’re making sure that you hit your macros, especially protein.  The time you spent not eating, you can have black coffee, water, supplements and bcaa’s.  The benefits, of fasting, are healthier brain, and heart, and of course weight loss.

My experience:

I accidentally fasted years ago, when I first started working .Simply because I had to balance work and school, there was a small window of time for me to eat. As a result, I maintained lean muscle mass, where as my friends, especially those who were in better shape than me didn’t. After high school if you haven’t  graduated already, you’ll see the greatest changes in body composition. Not only in yourself but friends as well. A lot of people get fat, or lose their physiques they had in high school. For me I was skinny in high school, even though I did train here and there, and always worked out. I didn’t get serious about training and nutrition until afterwards. But the caveat was, the schedule I had, I would literally be at work than school. This affected the times I had to eat, which resulted i me stuffing my face in my free time.

For me intermittent fasting, kept my body fat low, and when I took training serious and focused on my macros, I saw great results. For a few of my friends who knew what intermittent  fasting, was saw similar benefits. Now where the paradigms shift, were my friends who exercised saw better results than those who didn’t.

I don’t necessarily advocate intermittent  fasting, but if you have a weird schedule, than this may work for you. If there is a demand for it I will definitely expand on this post with some more in depth ones in the near future.

The Savage Build: The reasons you’re not lean yet

Resting longer than necessary

Stop sitting around wasting time, resting over 90 seconds, is unnecessary. I hate when guys say they workout for 2 or 3 hours, but they really workout 45 mins and talk the rest of the time. Your rest time should be in between 30-90 seconds. I set a timer on my phone.  If someone is talking to me, when that time goes off, I tell them to hold that thought and start my next set. Depending on the exercise I will talk and work at the same time. I try not to be Mr. intensity, you no that guy who’s a complete ass hole, because he’s working out and doesn’t want to be interrupted. I also don’t want to be Mr. low intensity. This is the guy who does more talking than he does chopping. One thing I do is workout early to avoid wasting time talking, which often leads to unnecessary rest time. Other than that,  utilize that timer on your phone, when it goes off, go to work. Stop texting, or searching for that perfect song and get to work.

Low intensity cardio is your go to

Hit cardio, is most effective, during high intensity cardio, will cause you to burn fat more effectively.  Stop wasting time with that outdated idea of doing super low intensity cardio to get lean. Mail man walk up to 12 miles a day. How many of them do you see walking around lean?

Eating crap carbs

If your’re eating sugary carbs, and breads, then don’t ask me why your not lean. Most of the time people are neglecting good carbs and eating crap carbs. These refined carbs will ensure, that you’re doughy and not lean. Instead opt for veggies and fruits.

Not monitoring marcos

Don’t tell me, you’re cutting or bulking, if you’re not tracking your macros. You can’t cut if you’re not monitoring your macros, to me you’re just winging a weight loss plan. You can’t tell me that your bulking, if you’re unaware of your macros. People often say these terms loosely, and its irritating, to hear. If you’re serious about getting in shape than take heed to my words.

5 Basic Nutrition Tips

Why Nutrition is important to your Goals.PSX_20150530_224602

Are you trying to lose weight, tone, or build muscle? Well this introductory series is for you.Are you an athlete? Are you concerned about what  you should supplement your diet with? This was written for you as well. I will explain why nutrition is important and in no time you will be one step closer to your goals. This article is loosely based off of the ISSA integrated nutrition approach.

Rule #1 Eat Frequently Throughout The Day

The main Two most important reasons, for eating throughout the day are, preventing fat, from being stored on your body and catabolism. Fat tends to store on your body when you are not eating frequently, how does this happen? Essentially when on a low-calorie diet, that is not tailored to keeping your body satisfied, it thinks it’s starving, and tells itself to  store fat for consumption at a later date. But when you are eating  properly portion meals your body will stop  storing fat and start burning it for energy, which is its intended purpose. You Also need to consume your an adequate amount of protein to fuel growth and recovery, protein is also a key ingredient in losing weight as well. You body needs it no matter what your goals are. A frequent supply of  protein will keep your body satisfied. You also have to take into account, that eating properly will help your body regulate its insulin and sugar levels a lot better,.

Rule #2 Keeping Your Portions In Check

Your diet on average should look  like this: 1 Part Fat 2 Parts Protein 3 Parts Carbohydrates This is a general place to begin, when trying get your diet in check. These numbers may change based on your goals and activity level. Fat is essential for your body to function properly, for example fat regulates hormones. Ideally you want to keep fats from animal source limited, so that would be saturated  fats. You also want to limit or better cut trans fat from your diet. You should Focus on unsaturated fats, which you can get from olive oil, coco nut oil, and canola to name a few. For Carbohydrates, the more energy you expend the more carbohydrates you will need to consume.  You want to eat an adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein to fuel  recovery and growth. Ideally you want to consume carbs that are low on the glycemic index,  these will slowly be converted in to blood sugar, and provide you better control over insulin levels. Carbs are the first thing your body, decides to burn  for energy, followed by fat especially during aerobic work. But this is only the case when marcos are portioned as mentioned above.

Rule #3 Why Am I Fueling Myself

Basically you wanna eat according to the activity that is going to follow that meal. For example if your going to train soon, you can eat a higher amount of carbs then you would eat if you were getting ready for bed.


Rule #4 Building Muscle, Burning Fat

You can only lose fat when your body is in a caloric deficit, translation, you have to burn calories than you consume to burn fat. To build muscle you need to increase your macros appropriately to build muscle. In order to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, you have to alternate between the two, for adequate periods of time, there is no scientifically proven way to burn muscle and build fat at the same time.

Rule #5 You will Always Need Supplements

Marco nutrients, will be hard and next to impossible for us to get in a day,  and even more importantly,, I know following these 5 rules will be impossible. Rule #1 namely will be hard to follow. That is why we have carb and protein supplements, as well as supplements that cover micro  nutrients. Micro nutrients will cover our general health concerns. Benefits are s followed: You will be about to reach your fitness goals, health and weight loss goals, as well as build muscle based off the supplements you take. It’s   impossible to eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Micro nutrients cover the variables our general food intake lacks. Intense training and exercise requires nutrients, to supplement and aid our bodies recovery. * consult your dr. before beginning any nutritional, supplemental, diet and exercising plan.

Over Looked Variables To Consider

Drink 8-10 glasses of water, plus an additional glass, per 25 pounds you want to lose Consume an appropriate amount of fiber. Resistance training promotes weight loss, and builds a higher metabolism, which helps you burn fat so it should not be overlooked or ignored. Obtain an appropriate amount of protein, to aid you in your goals for growth and recovery. Obviously cut back on or eliminate all together junk and fast food.