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Bio Hacking | Weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements 101

Learning what basic components make up weight loss supplements, can make or break your ability to purchase quality supplements. This is going to be a quick article detailing what you need to do in order to make smart purchasing decisions. Alternatively, you can buy and experiment with some of these, supplements, rather than buying a brand name fat burner.

Are fat burners or Weight loss supplements worth it?

I get asked this question often, are fat burners or weight loss supplements, worth it? My short answer is it depends. I’ve seen people take weight loss supplements and barely exercise let alone change their diets. Did those people get results? I’ve seen mavericks who in this niche population who believe they don’t need to exercise lose weight, just from implementing a weight loss supplement. But the opposite is true as well. I’ve seen people not get results, and its largely to blame on the fact that they didn’t change their diets or exercise at all.

Now on the other side of the coin I’ve seen people change everything and lose weight rather quickly, and people who despite changing everything didn’t lose weight as fast as weight loss supplement companies would like you to believe.

Where does Bio hacking come into play.

I’m appropriating the word bio hacking here. The reason I am doing that is so that you understand, how each individual ingredient plays a role in weight loss supplements. Often times many weight loss supplements are under-dosed. Meaning they may contain the ingredients necessary to lose weight. But not at an adequate dosage.

The term bio hacking simply means, using the ingredients I will list below as a tool to modify what you are currently doing. Thus being able to induce weight loss, and understand the how and why things must be done in a certain format.

I want to take the mystery out of the basics of weight loss, so that a majority of people can see results as fast as possible. There will still be outliers with medical conditions the may require additional help. This blueprint should get the ball rolling for a majority of you guys.

Using Weight loss Supplements to bio hack our bodies.

I will now briefly outline the main ingredients found in weight loss supplements, that you can purchase, as stand alone products. You can take them in conjunction with each each other, or one at a time, to see what yields the best results for you.


Caffeine is a staple in all stimulant based weight loss supplements. It functions as a thermogenic, and fat burner.

A thermogenic, basically raises the body’s temperature, which can result in weight loss. In terms of being a fat burner, it breaks down triglycerides and into fatty acids, which our bodies then use for fuel.

Always start on the low end in terms of dosages, you would start off a 100 mg and slowly add 50-100 mg, over time, its recommended that you don’t go over 450 mg.


Yohimbine is something I would consider a lot more aggressive than caffeine. It’s mostly used by men, as well. Some use Yohimbine, as a libido enhancer. Outside of that interesting fact.

It is primarily used by the weight loss supplement companies, as an active ingredient in many products.

I’ve also seen women use Yohimbine , and lose a significant amount of weight from it. Yohimbine however, due to its aggressive nature should be used sparingly, in a cycle format. Meaning either 2 weeks on two weeks off, or a month on and a month off. Yohimbine is not something that should be used long term.


5-HTP is primarily used to reduce carb cravings which can be especially beneficial, during a weight loss journey. 5-HTP can even be useful for those who a looking to cut for a bodybuilding show. It even has cognitive functions as well.

Bio Hacking | Weight loss supplements Summary

This is just a quick briefing, the next time you consider buying a weight loss supplement, check the ingredients to see if any of these are listed. As time goes on I am going to tighten up my writing and re vamp my articles. I have 40 wrote so far, when I get to 100 I am going to edit them and restructure them so they flow better. In the mean time if you have any questions shoot me a message or comment below.

Tool Box: The Elevation Mask

“I’m not really a huge Batman Fan, so The Idea of running around, like a knock off Bane; Kind of deterred me from getting an elevation mask.”


What is the purpose of the elevation mask?

I get asked this question a lot in the gym or on the trail when I am running, the idea behind the mask is to simulate high altitude training. Why would someone want to simulate training at a higher altitude? In order to gain a competitive edge, athletes often train at higher altitudes. since 1968, it has been well documented that Olympic runners, who’ve earned medals have a) lived at higher altitudes, or b) trained a higher altitudes. So the concept of using tools to simulate that environment was invented.

How it works

The mask creates an artificial hypoxia environment, basically the body tries to produce, the same amount, of energy it would with normal levels of oxygen. But since the masks, creates a simulated environment, where the altitude is higher, physiological changes occur. Ideally what is happening is the cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, are improving from this training method. Now this is not truly the same as training at a higher altitude, because you are basically altering the way your body sucks in air, so this type of training has been referred to as pulmonary resistance training.  So essentially you are really training your lung and diaphragm to take deeper breathes.

Are There any side effects?

Training at higher altitudes, can make cause you to lose weight, which isn’t bad unless your goal is to build muscle. Training improperly and not according to your goals can cause this to happen, also, a loss of appetite can occur; also the body may take longer to repair its self. Training properly will allow to to reap the gains and benefits of training with the mask.

How this will help me in my training?

I am not that strong of a runner, so I definitely hope to improve my endurance, and running with the elevation mask.