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What I listen to | Rap Workout playlists | JAYZ

Jay z is someone I consider a GOAT (Greatest of all time).

Through the years, I heard his songs on the radio growing up. The first workout playlist I had, was a demo cd of he black album, this was way before mp3’s.

I am only going to review a handful of his albums. Another notable fact, is The Blueprint 2 was my the first real cd I ever purchased. I consider Reasonable Doubt, one of the best albums he’s done to date.

I will re-do this list soon, because I need to be more critical and also, I have to listen to some of the songs again to decide if they really should make the list.

Note this is not my all time favorite songs, by JAYZ.. These are just my favorite off of those particular albums.


You can check out my Top Future songs Here.

Reasonable Doubt (1996)

“Can’t Knock the Hustle” (featuring Mary J. Blige)
“Politics as Usual”
“Dead Presidents II”
“Feelin’ It”
“22 Two’s”
“Can I Live”
“Friend or Foe”
“Coming of Age”
“Cashmere Thoughts”
“Bring It On”

The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)

 *Dynasty is definitly in my top ten JAYZ songs off all time, and Lupe Fiasco, and a few other artist, have dope freestyles over the beat.

“Intro / Dynasty”
“This Can’t Be Life”
“Soon You’ll Understand”

The Blueprint (2001)

“The Ruler’s Back”
“Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”
“Girls, Girls, Girls”
“Jigga That Nigga”
“U Don’t Know”
“Hola’ Hovito”
“Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)”
“Never Change”
“Song Cry”
“All I Need”
“Renegade” (featuring Eminem)
“Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”

The Blueprint2: The Gift & The Curse (2002)

“A Dream”
“Hovi Baby”
“The Watcher 2”
“Excuse Me Miss”
“What They Gonna Do”
“All Around the World”
“Poppin’ Tags”
“I Did It My Way”
“Diamond Is Forever”
“U Don’t Know (Remix)”
“Meet the Parents”

The Black Album (2003)

 *I can pretty much listen through this entire album, although: "Threat","PSA", "What More Can I Say" & "Encore" are my favorites.

“December 4th”
“What More Can I Say”
“Change Clothes”
“Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
“Moment of Clarity”
“99 Problems”
“Public Service Announcement (Interlude)”
“Justify My Thug”
“My 1st Song”

Kingdom Come (2006)

*Rarely listen to this album

“Show Me What You Got”
“Lost One”
“Do U Wanna Ride”
“30 Something”
“I Made It”
“Dig a Hole”
“Minority Report”
“Beach Chair”

American Gangster (2007)

 *A solid album, considered his return album most, fans skip over kingdom come all together, I've omitted two tracks I don't care for.

“American Dreamin'”
“No Hook”
“Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)…”
“I Know”
“Ignorant Shit”
“Say Hello”
“Blue Magic”
“American Gangster”

The Blueprint 3 (2009)

“What We Talkin’ About”
“Thank You”
“D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”
“Run This Town”
“Empire State of Mind”
“Real as It Gets”
“A Star Is Born”
“Already Home”
“So Ambitious”

Watch the Throne (2011)

 *Classic Album can't be critical of this one

“No Church in the Wild”
“Lift Off”
“Niggas in Paris”
“Gotta Have It”
“New Day”
“That’s My Bitch”
“Welcome to the Jungle”
“Who Gon Stop Me”
“Murder to Excellence”
“Made in America”
“Why I Love You”

Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013)

 *I probably skip "Picasso Baby", and "Versus".

“Holy Grail”
“Picasso Baby”
“Tom Ford”
“Part II (On the Run)”
“Beach Is Better”
“JAY Z Blue”
“La Familia”
“Nickels and Dimes”

4:44 (2017)

*Admittedly, its easier to critique this album, because it's newer, but in terms of playing it through a workout, these are my go to songs.

“Kill Jay Z”
“Family Feud”
“Marcy Me”


Next, I am going to review: Young Thug, Kanye West, Drake, J.cole  and Kendrick Lamar. If you have any suggestions let me know.

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer


I did my reasons not to be a personal trainer, now I am going to explain why becoming a personal training is beneficial. Outside of personal training, I am going to launch my entrepreneur and business brand soon. This way you guys can get a better understanding of how I make my money and how you can make money as well. That way you can do things you’re passionate about. Versus chasing trends or being stuck in dead end jobs.

Rewarding work

You have the opportunity to change lives, I’ve been blessed to work with people and build them up mentally and physically. Its truly rewarding to be able to change people for the better. I’ve worked retail, in restaurants, doing odd jobs, and things to make money. But training others has always left me feeling rewarded, I never have a day where I’ve regretting training.


Lets face it there is an obesity epidemic, most people will try to get surgery, but all of these elective surgeries aren’t safe and are dangerous so most people, will get turned off when they see the nuances of the elective surgeries they omit from tv. Some people will still get the surgery and still have to see you anyways.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting, is a small niche, and most people will try to do it themselves,and when they fail they will still end up seeking you out. But the primary demand we will have as trainers will be weightloss, seniors, and the occasional person interested in your niche or specialty style of training.

Be your own boss

Technically in a corporate job you will have a boss, but as long as you are making money you can do whatever you want, even when people tell on you, nothing happens because you bring the gym profit,

Diverse people

Lets face it, I’m an African american male, and i’m not famous, this is one of the few industries, where people who would normally, not be comfortable talking to me, will get to know me.

I often get comments about, being from a different race, and you get to see that we are all the same in many aspects.

Its cool that I am in the fitness industry and I can make an impact on people, who I would never have a chance to make a positive impact on.
The industry is changing and game changers
There are different markets and venues opening up online and other places, so we aren’t limited to brick and mortar gyms.


You have flexibility, you can call off whenever you want, no one wants to train on holidays, so you have freedom there. I am a work horse so I will train from sun up to sundown.


The sky’s the limit, outside of training I do a number of different things, just because my schedule allows me to. For the most part I work as a brand consultant and help people build up their brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. As far as training is concerned I made 60k last year. I work for a different company now, than I did last year. At my old company I got paid for memberships, and pretty much everything. At my new company, I only get paid off of selling and servicing training.

It’s important, to work for the right companies, I don’t recommend la fitness or planet, or charter fitness. You will not make money. Any place that is not giving you at least 25% or better in terms of commission, it is not worth your time.

Now you can start somewhere small or at one of these companies to learn how to train and sell, but outside of that don’t don’t pick up any bad habit.

Also most places will pay you more based off of your certifications, and degrees, so outside of knowing more, and being able to better service people you’ll make more, And work less.


When you work with legit trainers you, can learn so much. You also find out what certifications and seminars are worth pursuing, and what seminars to go to. Not only will this make you a great trainer, but you will pick up tools and tips to apply to yourself as well.


You can find a niche market and crush it, for example group training is in demand, you can get certs that give you in depth knowledge of a subject, and apply it to your clientele. Now its important to keep in mind weight loss is the primary market right now, and group training because it’s cheaper than personal training. But if you master these two fields, you can delve into your niche markets. After or in addition to helping someone lose weight, you can teach someone to box, or mma or whatever your niche is. Powerlifting and bodybuilding as a niche, can work but it’s a high amount of bro science out there, and a large population or gear users out there as well.

The benefit of people using steroids, is that a majority of them still lack the knowledge needed to get in great shape, so you will still end up training them at some point. But you have to understand that bodybuilding and powerlifting aren’t optimal markets to try to make a career out of. But I can be done.

Free membership

Sounds corny I know but think about it I have 3 people besides myself that don’t pay for a membership at 60$ a month per person that’s a little under 2900 that i’m saving.

Random questions answered vol 1

Random Q&A’s

Whats good, Whats good I’m Darius Savage thanks for tuning in, today I am answering q and a’s if you have a question submit them to me, and I will answer them,

How often should you change your workout routine?

This is going to be very quick here are some super basic principles to follow:
When it’s no longer a challenge
Every 4-12 weeks
Exercises stay the same and you rotate time under tension, speed and any other variables that can change the workout intensity.

What are your go to back exercises?

  1. Pull ups for the upper back
  2. Single arm rows for lats
  3. Dead lift for overall mass and to target lower back

How to spot a gym fuck boy 101:

  1. They slam weights
  2. They use shitty form, ego lift and only do their best lifts to show off
  3. Only work on their show muscles, chest bis, if they can see it they’ll train it
  4. They lift and grunt for attention, they also wear bodybuilder-esque clothing, walk around with imaginary lats, and an alpha walk as well.

What’s the number one tip to improve no matter what your goal (whether it’s weight loss, sports performance, bodybuilding)?

Program and experiment, track and record your results, you want to create a plan or have a plan developed. Follow that plan and make adjustments as needed

I hit a plateau with my bench press max what should I do?

There are a ton of different things you can do to increase your max, I’ll give you 4

  1. Bench press more and get more efficient with the movement
    Increase your bent over barbell row, This should be relative, to your bench press, I can row 345, most elite lifters can row a one rep max similar to their one rep bench max or their theoretical max
  2. Overhead presses should be anywhere from 1/4-1/2 or your bench press max, this is theoretical and practical for those who bench under 405 lbs
  3. Pull ups are another definite must, tighten up that upper back and you’ll see the weight one the bench increase

I get lost when I count reps what can I do to count better?

Since the blood is flooding to other regions besides the brain, I understand, Charles Poliquin , google him, has worked with many elite lifters, and a piece of advice I have gotten from him is o count backwards, this is something that I have benefited from.

Tips to increase your 3 big lifts?

Squeeze the back this makes more muscles fire optimally
Program variations, proper recovery, and nutrition. If you’re not doing this you’re leaving yourself open to injury and plateaus as far as the eyes can see.
Figure out what lagging muscles are holding back your strength and gain, and then attack them accordingly.

What can I do to improve my family’s diet?

What can you do to improve your family’s diet?

What can you do to improve your family’s diet? The answer to this question is simple. Do you want to die? Do you want your loved ones to die? If you answered no to one hopefully both of these questions, than this article is for you. If not than I suggest seeking medical advice, preferably as soon as possible.

All jokes aside, if you have the intentions of living a long and fulfilling life, and you want the same for your family and loved ones. Than you have to have a plan of attack.

Most of the time our loved ones tell us, its too late for them. They say they are to old or to fat, or insert your own adjective here.

Grab whoever is on board first

First and foremost, in order to improve your family’s diet, you have to partner with those who are willing first. You can’t save everyone, but through a strategic plan you can fortify a stronghold and accountability system.

Are you the purchaser of food

If you are the one responsible for buying foods, you can let your family no, that in the next few months, you are going to gradually be increasing the healthy options, and limiting the bad options.

Have them voice there opinions outside of them complaining about you limiting snacks. Ask them what healthy things they prefer to eat, or if its anything they would like to try.

If you are not the bread winner, ask the one who does the shopping, if they could slowly increase they healthy options and limit the junk food.

Doctors orders

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, its a strong possibility that, your loved ones could develop these issues as well. So explain to them, the hell of having these health conditions, and how you want better for them.

Practice what you preach

A lot of times people implement the healthy diet for the family, but don’t follow it themselves. Don’t be that person, be a team player, and put your family in a good position.


These are just a few examples of things you can do to help to improve your family’s diet. I will expand upon these ideas in following articles. Make sure you comment below if you have any questions.

The number one reason your arms are small

This article is going to be short simple and sweet. As a kid I wanted arms the size of superman’s, I’m not saying that I have achieved that, but my arm’s are definitely one of my best features. So day in and day out, the number one question most guys ask me is :

“How do I get my biceps big?”

 This way of thinking, is why your arms are small.

The bicep is only one small portion of your are, the tricep is the answer. Most guys come in day in and day out and curl, their life away, and neglect the back of their arms. But building your triceps will increase your biceps size and appearance. Its still imperative to train both.

There’s your answer.

I give my triceps twice the work because they are a bigger muscle group, and are involved in all pressing movements. I work my biceps because they become a stabilizer in pressing movements, and a few other movements.

Inherently, both muscle groups can grow from, being involved in  most movement as a secondary muscle group. But for me I still feel the need to hit them directly, because they are my best feature.

I do believe a majority of the gym hates, training legs, and the other majority hates direct arm work, but in terms of your ideal physique, you must train accordingly.



4 reasons your physique is weak

This post is going to be short and sweet. And is dedicated to the gym bros, and people who fancy themselves as trainers.  Lately I’ve been receiving negative feedback, in terms of the credibility of trainers. Also the unspoken, rivalry of  the average gym bro, who thinks he knows  it all, and the trainers who think they know it all. I have 10 certifications through NASM and ISSA  and I still don’t know it all.


Some trainer, and regular people believe  think they are on the same level as me, but will never have a physique like mines. But you can obtain some of the knowledge I possess.  So if you’re making these mistakes, I am giving away some major keys. This is not intending to de-motivate people but just shine light on  the mistakes their making.

Copying others

People often approach me with some killer workout, they got off Instagram or Facebook. With no context as to what exactly its doing, or how it relates to their goals.  They don’t know  what the exercise is doing, or  if its even beneficial.

This becomes annoying because , following your  favorite, body builder and doing exactly what they are doing at that point and time will not, yield the same physique as them.

They goal is to motivate, and sell whatever they  offer.  Just because you follow them around, living off of their every word, does not mean you will get in shape, and look like them.

Borrowing the workouts you see  me doing with my clients,  or the workouts I do when I am working out ,  will not yield the same results either.

It’s better to try to figure out what works best for you,  or sit down with a qualified professional and get a legit game plan.

No sort of plan

This goes hand and hand with copying other peoples workouts.

Some people just come in and repeat the same exercises day in and day out.

Ego lifting

I see a lot of people moving big weight improperly , and  it makes no sense.  Without proper form,  and the appropriate weight, you’re basically wasting your time in the gym.

I also see on the same token people lifting super easy weight, chasing the perfect contraction, which is again a waste. Once you have a  decent mind muscle connection, it is time to increase the weight accordingly.


This one, is  important to note, because there are a ton of people,  who take gear.  Only to have their lifts comparable to mines. Meaning  I can go deadlift , bench , squat the same weight and often more than guys, who are bigger than me.

I didn’t  and have never had to take steroids,  and have nothing against people who do.  But its not a lack of steroids that makes you weak. Its a lack of proper programming that makes you weak. Its a lack of understanding when it comes to exercise science, that makes you weak.

Especially those, guys who come in and bench and curl every day, that is a clear indication that you’ll be weak forever, and prone to injury forever.


Stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop  letting your ego  crowd, your judgement.

Stop thinking drugs are the answer, when you lack the proper knowledge to obtain a decent physique.

Stop  copying others, and stop  thinking you have to compete with trainers.

You’re favorite athletes, have trainers and coaches, multiple people around them , building them up.  I seek knowledge from anyone with  proper credentials, I don’t guess. And I don’t let  fitness celebrities, dictate, my workouts, and what I want to achieve. I operate with my own goals in mind at all times.

Is steady state cardio worth it?

Is steady state cardio worth it?

Steady state cardio has its benefits, it can promote greater fat loss, how ever it is time consuming. Outside of cardio, programming is key to having an efficient weight loss, or cutting regimen.

What about H.I.I.T?

Hi intensity cardio,    when done properly and in line, with your goals and exercise program. When can  effectively cut the amount of time spent doing cardio in half. However there is some potential to possibly burn muscle as well.

So is high intensity cardio, better than steady state cardio?

Steady  State cardio promotes  greater fat loss, and greater aerobic efficiency. Hi intensity cardio promotes a higher metabolism,  and keeps you burning fat throughout the rest of the day. If done properly you can keep your metabolism high, for hours even days after the workout.

My final Answer?

A solid program will have a blend of both depending on the length of the program you’re  following. Both steady state cardio, and hi intensity cardio  have their  benefits.  My training however is more geared  towards hi intensity cardio. For me and a majority of my clients,  hi intensity cardio, is the go to form of cardio.

Top 3 Supplements you to see results

This post will touch on my top 3 supplements you should be taking and why.

Plus two bonus Items and honorable mentions


The quality of ingredients makes a huge difference in how your body absorbs nutrients.

Cheap supplements are made from cheap ingredients. A good way to think of things, would be to use a car analogy. There is some things a street mechanic, can fix with no problem, and certain things only a skilled licensed can fix.Our bodies can get some nutrients, from cheap products, but it’s not optimal.

Pharmaceutical/Performance grade ingredients

We need to fuel ourselves properly, outside of the RDA and Daily allowances. Most supplements on the market are accounting for the lost antioxidants, and lost minerals that play a huge role in our recovery. This creates a problem, with how we feel while in the gym and even the subsequent days following a workout. The better we recover the better the results.

NO, your not getting what you need from food.

Unless you’re eating 100% organic foods grown in the right regions, that have the proper nutrients in the soil you’re not getting what you need from food alone. The same foods, grown on the same farms, year in and year out have left the soil depleted, therefore lacking the nutrients we need. GMO products only further the lack of nutrients in our foods.


Multi Performance  Complex

Life Time Fitness Multi Performance Complex

This is better than your one a day multi, which may be under dosed in ingredients. The things that stand out in this product are as follows.

  • Green tea phytosome to  support energy and fat  metabolism.
  • Curcumin phytosome to  promote healthy inflammation  response.
  • Relora® to support relaxation,  rest and recovery from  exercise and everyday stress.
  •  Helps enhance your exercise, recovery and immune system
  •  AM formula for daytime energy, PM formula for nighttime   recovery


BCAA/Post Workout

Life Time Fitness BCAA/Post Workout - Kiwi Strawberry - 36 serving

Scientifically proven to make you stronger and fitter. Amino acids aren’t just for body builders and elite athletes. They’re also great for anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass, get stronger and have more energy. And people who want to lose weight or recover from workouts faster.

If any or all of the benefits above sound good to you, you should consider taking Life Time Amino Complex, a dietary supplement that helps promote:

  • Lean muscle mass and strength
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Enhanced energy and metabolism
  • Mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Increased exercise capacity and recovery

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Life Time Fitness Omega-3 Fish Oil


The finest fish oil you can find. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week. That’s because fish are a great source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help support heart, brain, nerve and eye health.

But what if you don’t like fish? Then Life Time Omega-3 Fish Oil is just what the heart doctor ordered. Each gelcap provides you with 600 mg of ultra-purified EPA and DHA Omega-3s. You won’t find any heavy metals or toxins here. Plus, they’re flavored with real peppermint oil. Take one gelcap a day and you’re good to go.

Honorable mentions:


Life Time Fitness Grass Fed Whey Protein (Strawberry Creme)

Not all whey proteins are created equal. What sets Life Time Grass Fed Whey Protein apart is that it comes from cows that graze on the rich, green pastures of New Zealand. These cows are never injected with milk-producing hormones. And their diet is free of bad stuff like chemical additives and antibiotics.

Its an honorable mention, because protein, consumption should go without saying.

Scosche Heart Rate monitor

Scosche Rhythm Plus Heart Rate Monitor

The RHYTHM+ heart rate monitor comfortably wraps around your forearm. Using optical sensors, it sees and measures your blood flow and body movement to accurately monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, pace and more.

Honorable mention, because it’s something I use on all my clients, and in group classes. After every workout you know exactly what you accomplished, in terms of fat burned, and calories burned.


Detoxes : The number one fitness scam, what should you do instead


Nothing free is going to aid you in your weight loss in the same manner as these products. Now I will name as many ingredients as I can so that you can compare them to other products on the market.

But one thing I wanna clear up is most of the time when you go to people for free advice, they end up selling you something. I don’t have time to waste nor do I wanna waste your time, I want you to make an informed decision. Use science not emotion to finally reach your goals. **

It’s that time of year. You’ve made it your goal to lose weight, but either you’re afraid of going to the gym or you’ve been going to the gym but need to incorporate that extra boost.

You’ve been hearing a lot about detoxes an cleanses. With it being the new year and all you figure why not give it a go.

You get suckered in to a Herbalife or vi life scam pack, and now you’re out 200$. Initially you lost some weight, and then gained it all back. You don’t know what happened, so you google around and get free advice from the fitness gurus on Facebook.

Because if it’s nothing better than getting free advice from an unqualified fitness professional. The only thing that can beat it is wearing a waist trainer sold to you buy that unqualified fitness professional.

Now this person wants you to mix cayenne pepper lemon juice and syrup together, in order to lose weight. Yet again you’ve  been scammed, brought a product that does nothing for you.

Now initially when doing these scam diets you’re required to eat a lot of callorically low foods. Think fruits and veggies and all the crap you normally don’t eat, that’s good for you. Or you are deprived of food all together, which in turn either option will make you lose weight.

But is your goal to lose weight or fat?

The weight lost you see comes from glycogen stores being depleted. On top of that you’re dehydrated as well so go ahead and add in the fact that you lost water weight too. But that’s not what you’re looking to target unless you’re a fitness model looking to lean out before a photo shoot.

Because your goal is fat loss not weight loss this is the wrong path to take. Fitness models temporarily eat this way or “detox” in order to look leaner. But they understand that once they properly hydrate themselves the water weight and glycogen will flood their bodies once again and they’ll be back where they’ve started.

Know the difference.

For them they understand the difference between weight and fat loss. Most detoxes claim to remove toxins and heavy metals from our body. On top of that they claim to help you lose fat as well.

If that was true why is it that this type of diet fails the great majority?

None of these products tell you exactly what toxins are being removed and there is no follow through. Meaning you don’t know what to do after the detox is over.

The only bigger scam would be waist trainers.

What I recommend is number one bullet proofing your gut.


Gut.fix consistents of a digestive enzyme complex, probiotic complex and glutamine. On top of that you get a list of the right foods to eat year round.

What the digestive enzyme does:

Works inthe stomach, makes sure we’re breaking down and absorbing nutrients appropriately.

What the probiotic does:

Works in are small and large intestines makin sure we have the right bacteria to break down what passes through.

What the glutamine does:

Fights cortisol which causes us to gain weight and recover poorly from workouts. Gives out immune system a boost and brain as well.

Tying them all together.

After effectively making sure we are eatin better and absorbing nutrients efficiently. You can gauge your weight loss and from there upgrade to the d.tox


What is the D.tox?

Not a traditional detox, this is a lot more comprehensive, and backed by a company, that has been around for years. Not only that but if you’ve ever been to the lifetime training facilities then, you know it takes credentials to work there. These gyms are far from the run of the mill pop up shops, with unqualified trainers giving out advice. So it makes sense to invest in products, from companies that have high standards.


What the D.tox includes

Vegan protein and fiber mend, you also get recipes, a grocery list and a few other resources to aid you.

Both the gut.fix and d.tox aid you in getting your diet on track which will help you lose weight and see changes a lot faster than blindly following trends.

I want you guys to stop going things haphazardly. You’ll find when you buckle down and invest in yourself you’ll see greater changes. Changes that last, and when you have solid meals and a program to follow you’ll never have to detox again. Because you will have effectively  reprogrammed your diet and added in the right supplements.

To purchase them or for more info click the links below, or the pictures above.





The Savage Build : Top 10 healthy Snacks

The following is a list of staples in the fitness community

Dark Chocolate

Lower in sugar, than milk chocolate, high in antioxidants.

Packaged tuna

A lot of companies sell packed tunas, that come in different flavors. The packets, are 9/10 good enough to be eaten alone, or you could buy 1 minute microwavable rice,  to add in with it.


String Cheese

An easy go to, high in protein. This is cheap staple that you need to have stocked in your fridge.


Isopure, and optimum nutrition,  both make shakes in ready to drink form. This comes in handy especially when you’re on the go and don’t have time to make a shake.


Brands like Krave, are good to keep in the glove compartment, of the car. jerky is something you can snack on throughout the day.

Greek yogurt

I often eat greek yogurt in the morning, a serving size has just as much protein, as a protein shake. I usually add in blueberries, or some kind of fruit.

Protein bars

Quest bars, are a cliche  in the fitness community. A long with lenny and larry’s protein cookies, these options can be used an dessert with your lunch. Or as something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Watermelon, honey due, and  cantaloupes are nutrient dense, and calorically low.


Blueberries and strawberries, contain lots of antioxidants, and vitamins, to help fight off colds, and keep the immune system strong. Outside of that they are both calorically low, and low in sugar.


Shoot for the unsalted versions, of nuts. They are nutrient dense,  however they are high in calories and fats, so only consume in moderation.