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The savage build: 3 Tips to effectively lose weight

Strength Train

Hitting some weights, will boost the amount of energy you expend. The more energy you expend, the more fat you will burn, in addition to that you’ll also put on lean muscle which will help you burn fat, effortlessly.


Feel fuller longer. Point blank period, the fuller you feel the less likely you are to make poor decisions.

Stay active

Even on days your not training, still shoot for some type of cardio. At least, hit the row machine or treadmill for 30 mins, take the stairs everywhere. These little things will add up over time and keep you on track to loose weight.


Use myfitnesspal

All of my clients are required to use myfitnesspal. I add them and look over there diaries. If you are not actively monitoring what you’re eating, you can’t be mad if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for.  After a while, its okay to deviate, from myfitnesspal, when you’re 100% sure your diet is in check,  and you can eyeball your macros, without the need for an app.

Muscle building essentials


Water, is key to building muscle, because of our bodies being 70% water. This is important to remember because, in order to preform properly you need to be hydrated efficiently. Another thing to consider, is that supplements, and nutrients, are used efficiently, when we are properly hydrated.

Whey Protein

Where whey comes into play, is up for debate with most people, but in order to achieve that savage build, whey is critical. I weigh 165, and I consume, 175-210 crams a day. Now I can hit my macros without supplements, but I will still use whey protein, before and after a workout. I will also use it when I am unable to eat, for example, I keep a couple shaker cups and a tub of protein in my car at all times. This way I avoid unnecessary fast food purchases, and I ensure that I hit my macros, in an effortless manner.


Zero carbs and an excellent source of protein, and healthy fats. I eat salmon, shrimp and tilapia, these are staples in my diet. The reason seafood is essential, is due to the fact that will give you omega fatty acids, which preform various different functions in your body. Namely keeping you anabolic and building muscle.


Turkey, chicken, eggs I know they are cliche staples in a fitness diet. In the nutrition books I have coming out, you’ll get different recipes so your not stuck with bland options. Now eggs I eat with the yolk 9/10. This way I get in some good cholesterol. I often add eggs to my meals outside of only having them at breakfast. For example when I am at home I pop my food in the microwave, and scramble an egg quickly, and then add it into my rice or quinoa.  The idea is to just add in a little extra protein.


Beans help keep you regular, they are an excellent source of protein as well. Beans put us in a position when are insulin levels, keep us building muscle.

Oatmeal and sweet potatoes

Low-glycemic carbs, give use steady fuel and energy through out the day.  This way you can preform optimally in the gym, and outside of the gym as well.



This is just a few  things to keep in mind when you’re trying to  maintain and build muscle. The better you fuel yourself the better, you’ll preform.




Savage Conditioning : Tire Flipping

Attack Fat Build Muscle

None of  my clients are allowed to due traditional cardio, when there goal is to burn fat, and build lean muscle. The only exceptions are those with injuries or conditions preventing them from doing so. I require all of them to train with the same intensity as if I was there with them pushing them. Now its hard and damn near impossible to have the same intensity, of a training session minus the coach.  That is where having tools like a tire comes in.

Why Flip Tires?

Why flip a tire? We all have seen tires flipped on tv or on the web, but never really thought much of it, outside of it being a strong man, type of thing to do. There are benefits we can all reap from it, its not limited to strongmen competitions. First and foremost, this is intense cardio, even though you may not be able to flip the tire at a fast depending on how heavy it is. Flipping a tire is also an excellent way to condition yourself, its like nothing you’ve ever done before. Its going to be some thing athletic and functional, I have a client in her 50s whom, I have flip tires regularly. This year when It came time for her to garden, she was throwing the 40lbs bags of soil in her car, at the hardware store, rather than having the employee do it. To some this may not sound impressive, but when your elderly family member wants you to throw bags of soil let’s see how you fair. One the extreme opposite, I have college athletes train  with tires as well, it keeps their heart rate up , and teaches them to recover quickly. The rewards you get from flipping a tire is unparalleled to any form of traditional cardio.

Sooner or later, I will post a sample workout and tutorial video on how to flip tires,  thanks for reading and stay tuned.



Benefits of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

First of and foremost, you get what you pay for. I’ve played around with Nike, FitBit, Adidas, and a few other brand Heart Rate Monitors. They all serve a purpose, but one thing to note, is that if the heart rate monitor, only measures your heart rate through the pulse on your wrist, than its inferior, to any model; that uses a chest strap.


By far, my favorite brand, is Polar, the reason is because of its training zones. It actively gives you your current heart rate, and breaks them up into zones, on older models from 1-3 and new models 1-5. The reason this is important to me as a trainer is it allows me to push my clients, to their limits, and not an arbitrary limit, imposed by me.


Wearing a Heart Rate monitor allows me to push myself and make sure I’m bringing the right intensity to my own workouts. I am a numbers kind of guy when it comes to fitness, outside of knowing maxes on squats and bench presses, it’s important for me to know the smaller things, and arguably the most important things. Whats my heart rate at while training, and wheres my heart rate while I’m resting.


For weight loss clients, and a lot of female clients, they determine the success of a workout based off of how many calories they burn. With that being said without a heart rate monitor watch, most people will tend to stick to only cardio machines, since it displays calories burned.

This method is inferior, to wearing a watch because the watch is going to provide a more accurate count. This way they can shoot for let’s say 750 cals or more peer training session, and scale up or down based on their desired goals.


More benefits of an Heart Rate Monitor:

-Track your progress

-Calories burned

-Fat percentage burned (on polar brand watches)

-FIt Test to determine starting point (again on polar brand watches)

-Time Spent at different training zones

-With the A300 and M400 you can connect to the polar flow app and myfitnesspal


Most importantly you can exercise and the intensity thats right for you. Overall I strongly believe in heart rate monitors and anything that will allow you to safely reach your goals.

NO Days Off

There Are Never Any Days Off

No days off

We live in a world, where we need to be motivated 24/7. Or maybe we just yearn to be told the things we want to hear. Well I’m going to keep  this thing simple and short.(I may expand on this topic later.) Its 11:23 right now on a Saturday, and I’m sitting here writing. What are you doing?

I get tired, I get stressed and I kick my ass kicked daily,  by the thing thrown at me, but I’m here to state something that should be obvious to you… There are no days off, no breaks, no downtime. I don’t know how long you”ll live or how long I’ll live, its impossible to be on it 100% of the time. But when the opportunity to put in some work comes you gotta take it. IF I was really trying to write right now this article could be my game changer, it could be the thing that put my site on the map, but its not going to be.

However this article is a step in the right direction for me, what this means is, I now know if I need to be up  close to mid night or even later working I can do it, because I am passionate about what I do. But, can you say the same, are you driven enough to express yourself no matter the time of day? When I used to work min wage jobs, I used to think to myself this time would better be spent working on my craft and honing my skills. But,  the first thing I did when I got down time was chill or bullshit, so no every free moment I get, I read, write, or do something to put myself in a better position and you should do the same.

I’m not saying grind 24/7 and never relax, but realize that everyday you can do one thing that puts you closer to your goals.

Grocery Shopping for Dummies

The Definitive guide for Mastering the Grocery Store

This is an idea I’ve been playing around with, for some time, even though I make meal plans, I hate having to tell others what to eat. Honestly I feel like by this point in your life, you’ve eaten enough of the good things an enough of the bad things the grocery store has to offer. At the same time however I know if I was taught how to eat better, from the very beginning I would have strived to eat better.

So While I am working on a nutritional book, I decided to give you this brief guide to get you started.

Ideally most stores are outline in the same format, the produce, meat, and dairy sections, will wrap around the walls of the store. In these sections, will be where the most healthiest choices are. If you grab all the essentials first you will probably not have enough money for the unhealthy things.


Pick up all your green veggies, and super veggies here, these will be your clean carbs, and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.

Meat, Poultry, Fish

Obviously red meat is a big no, no but you can shoot for organic and grass fed animals if your budget allows, you want to grab the leanest meats possible. This way you can make sure were optimizing our diets to the fullest.


In this section you will grab things like Greek yogurt, and Milk, I personally pick up Whole milk, Cashew milk, and Greek yogurt.

Grains, Cereals

Things like rice, granola, and quinoa are things I grab out of this aisle.


Ideally you want to pick up healthy fats and oils, like coconut oil, olive and canola. Additionally you want low fat and low carb alternatives, to all condiments, and low sodium choices for seasonings. The purpose of shopping the inner aisles, last is to get all the essentials items first, and all the bull shit last or not at all.


The Call to Action: Nine reasons you need a trainer like me


We all need that extra push, by design humans are geared towards monotony, it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or new to the gym or fitness. A personal trainer can be the difference between results, and being stuck in the same rut, you’ve been in for a while. Most people shy away from the investments that can change their lives, sometimes its monetary reasons, other times they aren’t sure if they will get their moneys worth.

This is a journey

I train like a SAVAGE, I have four certifications, and I will soon have more, I have an arsenal, of programs, that will push you to your limits and beyond. If you want to get in shape I can take you there, if you want to lose weight I can take you there. Outside of personal training I am writing this blog and writing fitness books as well. The journey that has led me to this point has been a long one, had I decided to be Average I would not be here. If you continue to remain Average you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten, but together we can change that.

9 Reasons why you need  a SAVAGE Trainer

You Prefer to workout at home, but recently Joined the Gym

I used to workout at home and I still do from time to time, but at home no one cares that your working out. What I mean by that is that friends and family will serve as a distraction, in most cases. Even though they don’t mean to they honestly in most cases don’t share the vision you have or seeing yourself in shape. The kids will still be kids, and run to you every five seconds tattling (my gym has a day care by the way.), Your mom will still call your name, to do random chores, and your significant other will still want you to watch tv with them or do some other things, that will call your attention away from your workout.

Outside of those reasons, when you finally go to the gym, you may be overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, and listening to the gym professors(i.e the guys who workout there, and give bad advice, unintentionally.) will only get you so far. Having a trainer can show you how to get the best workouts of your life, as well as the tailor workouts and programs to your needs.

Not Seeing Results

You’ve hit a plateau and haven’t been reaching your goals, so why not seek the advice of someone, who has the knowledge to get you over that hump. How else can you over come the struggle of trying to lose weight, or build muscle. A good trainer can critique your eating habits and create a more balanced nutritional and fitness program for you.

You need that Motivation

Think about it, when you’ve invested your money in an opportunity to change your life, you’ll show up every time. When someone is there to push you or at least take you through workouts, you’ve never dreamed of or considered doing you will find that motivation. Stop trying to learn from the same guys who have a physique similar or worst than yours, that’s the equivalent of learning math from a tutor whose failing the class.

You need the Challenge

I train all my clients, like SAVAGES, I help them overcome self-imposed limitations, and push them and groom them to find that hidden strength needed, to achieve their dreams.

You have had a setback/injury or condition

I partner with physical therapist and other medical professionals to design programs, that will safely allow individuals to achieve their fitness goals. I pride myself of pushing those with past injuries or health conditions to become something more, rather than dwell on the person they were before their set back.

You need the supervision

Some people, avoid exercises because they aren’t sure how to preform them. Having a skilled trainer can definitely allow you to find the perfect form that works for you, and can open up the doors to new training techniques.

You are not sure how your journey should begin

You need, a nutritional program or you need a complete program designed around your specific needs, but designing one yourself can be overwhelming. You want to know how to improve your cardiovascular health, or flexibility and mobility. Or you want to improve your weight training, having a knowledgeable trainer in your corner can only aid you in your goals. That way you can ensure success and avoid failure.

You are an Athlete and you need to train like one

If you went to  a high school like the one I went too, you might not of had the best coaches guiding you so your talents, more or less went wasted or unused. I still see and hear outdated methods being used on the athletes I train, because their coaches haven’t updated their skill set in years. That’s where I come in I find out your needs and walk you through a program designed to be your map to success.

You workout with your Mom or Dad or Friend

Your are working out with someone who, you know for a fact, is not giving you optimum advice, so this is where training under the supervision of a personal trainer, or group instructor, comes in handy. I always see people who are consistent, in coming to the gym work out.  But the problem lies in their training methods, some people try to be know it alls, and that can be the down fall unfortunately to your fitness goals.

In summary

You don’t make decisions because they’re Easy,  Cheap, or Popular you make them because they’re RIGHT. You can only build a better life, body and mind by making the decision to do and invest in what will inevitably make you successful. If you are truly interested in doing so, you know where to find me.

Update Savage Weight loss: 12 weeks of hard work

Stephanie lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks, Weight loss testimonials,
Follow Stephanie’s Weight loss journey, and her diet, and supplement plan

In her words: “Darius, gave me a practical method to follow, to lose weight, I cut the fads, and followed his directions, and the weight just came off.”-Stephanie’s Weight loss testimonial 

STEPHANIE’S Hectic Life Style

  1.  Full time mom
  2.  Part time Student
  3.  Full time Director (60 hrs a week workload)
  4.  Not to mention an Active social-life
  5.  She is a Full time mom, a fact, which we can’t ignore!!!
  6. Had knee surgery 8 months prior to seeing me.


“I had hit a wall, I was waking up day and day out, going to the gym early, in order to get in shape, but I had reached a point where the weight wasn’t going anywhere. I thought I would see progress if I could get out to the gym everyday”

Stephanie, had hit a plateau, a  even though she was working out, she was not getting the results she wanted. A lot of people often,  reach out to me, in the gym, when they notice, my clients, have significantly transformed, while they’ve stayed the same. They want information, and they want to know how they can break out of this rough patch they’ve entered.

Like Stephanie, some of us will keep at it, and grind away, making sure we rise early and get to the gym and push ourselves, because if we do the results will come right?

Let’s dive a little deeper than surface level and find out how she manage to lose weight, more rapidly than she ever did before.

Her progress

Outside of leading a busy life, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, she needed still managed to get to the gym.While Stephanie wasn’t new to the gym setting, she didn’t have an effective trainer, or effective training methods.  She had long ago plateaued and needed a change. Stephanie, needed to figure out how to lose weight, in a more effective manner.

With that being said, we have to commend her, for sticking to her weight loss goals. But her time was not being used as effectively as it could of been.

Stephanie is among many who’ve been stuck in a weight loss routine, that wasn’t working for her, so she decided to do something about it. Most of us don’t think we need extra help, or we think that we can figure it out on our own. 

We think if we really wanted to we could drop those extra ten pounds, or build muscle without a problem. But if it was really as easy as we rationalized it, we would be satisfied with ourselves.

Stephanie, wanted a better body, and she knew the quote unquote traditional methods (the ineffective methods media outlets, and infomercials preach to us.), which consist of doing a ton of cardio, and using light weights, wasn’t enough to help her reach her goals.

At best she was losing water weight, and then gaining it back and then she linked up with me and I put her on a meal plan, gave her a supplement regimen, and 12 week online training program, and she not only lost weight. But she has a better idea of how to keep the weight off and keep her self healthy.

These are just a few of the things that helped Stephanie, achieve her weight loss goal thus Far.

Wearing a polar ft-60

Basically a lot of people focus  calorie counting, while in the gym, so in order to count them they only do cardio. But, If your heart rate is not in the proper training zone you will not see effective results. The polar ft-60 finds your heart rate and of course tells you how many calories your burnt. So no matter the activity you can see how many calories your burning.


  1. Protein powder
  2. CLA
  3. BCAA’s
  4. Multi-vitamins
  5. Powdered Superfoods


  1. Lean proteins
    1. Salmon
    2. Chicken
    3. Ground Turkey
  2. Healthy Fats
    1. Coconut oil
    2. Avocados
  3. Green Veggies
  4. Brown Rice


In order to lose weight effectively I had Stephanie  do something she never done before, and that’s train like a SAVAGE. Most women don’t lift weights, in order to lose weight, let alone, lift heavy; if they even bother to pick up a dumbbell. So I put her through a couple tough training sessions, and instilled a new set of weight loss principles in her.


In order to lose weight, the basic principle we have to follow, which is more calories should be burned than what is consumed. We also have to into account, that that old weight loss methods don’t work. Such as following average weight loss fads, we see on day time TV or infomercials. For SAVAGE weight loss to occur, you have to adapt, and adopt a new set of principles, and don’t be afraid of hard work and sweat. There are a ton of weight loss testimonials on TV which make it seem like if you follow their methods, you will lose weight over night, which may work for some. But the best way to lose weight is through proven methods, customized to your specific needs, not through an infomercial special.


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What makes TRX training so special?

In this post, I will give a quick overview of the TRX and its benefits, in some following  posts, I will cover different exercises that can be done on with the TRX so stay tuned.

Darius Savage Training on the Trx


Why I consider the TRX indispensable in any training program.

First off What is the TRX?

The TRX is essentially a suspension/strength/body-weight training method, yes it really incorporates all of the above into its system. The TRX allows the user to manipulate the difficulty of the workout by adjusting the straps, to either progress or regress to and easier training style, depending on their fitness level.

Nothing new

Essentially suspension training is nothing new, gymnast train  similarly to this in my opinion. Also, in many prisons inmates use bed sheets and the bars on their cell to train in a similar fashion as well. In its earlier days with date back as early as the 1800’s it was called rope training. The term TRX is more of a brand name for this style of training. Much like how we use the term “googling”, instead of saying  “searching” when we are looking for info online.

Why is TRX training beneficial?

The main thing I advocate when training is to engage your core during every exercise you preform, not many people will do this on their own. The TRX on the other hand doesn’t give you a choice, it lights your core up! It also forces your transverse abdomonis to work harder than it normally would under most circumstances. Not matter what movement you preform, the TRX forces your core to work hard.

Outside of core stability you will also develop endurance, balance and strength. Your full body is integrated, as well, because instead of moving in one plane of motion your body is now being challenged to much in multiple planes at one time. Which gives you a more intense workout and is something that is more natural to our bodies in terms of building functional strength. All machines, and some dumbbell and barbell movements restrict you to moving in one plane of motion, so the strength built on the bench press of in a bicep curl won’t necessarily make a smooth transition to real world, functional strength. The TRX allows you to train safer, and smarter, allowing you to workout faster, and prevent injuries as well.

What does all this information mean to you?

Basically you can supplement or swap out your current fitness program, with a few TRX exercises, since it engages your whole body, and especially your core; you will immediately notice how differently your body responds to suspension training.  By moving in multiple planes you can really integrate not only your core but other muscle groups as well.

Also its safe enough that anyone can use it and see improvements, whether they’re young or old, athletes or not. I don’t see a lot of people using the TRX in my gym trainers included, so hopefully this post will encourage some of you guys to give the TRX a second look.


Whether your Advanced, or a Novice the TRX allows you to progress, or regress based on your needs. Its a tool used by everyday people, the armed forces and athletes alike.

The movements performed on the TRX transfer directly over to real-life, and integrates your whole body seamlessly into your workout. I will follow up this posts with more in-depth posts and videos, so stay tuned and thanks for reading.