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What is the Core?


darius savage performing an sit up
Darius “fydthetrainer” Savage performing an core exercise

In this series I will cover what the core is, this first blog post is, just an overview of the intricate topics, I will cover so enjoy.

The Definition of the Core?

The core is not just your abs alone, but a structure comprised of the following:

  • Lumbar Spine
  • Pelvic Girdle
  • Abdomen
  • Hip Joint

This structure is Known as the Lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex (LPHC for short.)

What the fitness industry says the core is.

The fitness and infomercial industry has dumb-ed down  the definition of the core, in order to sell you products. I prefer to take the more savage approach to things, which is dissecting the true essence of why things work. This saves time down the line because when you understand how and why something works you can make the repairs, or minor adjustments yourself. Thats not to say you won’t still need the help of someone in the fitness community. But the blueprint I am going to give you will allow you to troubleshoot some minor issues on your own. Or at the very least provide you with enough knowledge to know if your dealing with a personal trainer thats the  real deal, or someone who is clueless.

A real world analogy would be, understanding the difference between flipping the circuit breaker in your garage, changing a light bulb or hiring an electrician. All three scenarios require a certain level of comfort and expertise, depending on the scenario you would take the appropriate measures. Now the same can be said about taking care of your body as well, anyone trainer that solely structures your core training around abs only, should be replaced. The core is comprised of many interdependent muscles in the body that work together. After this blog series, you will notice the difference between someone with a core vs someone with abs. The abs will look nice, but a strong chiseled core will blow abs out of the water any day.

What the Core actually is.

The core  is a system of muscles working together to provide your body with functional strength.

As you can see in the example of a friend of mines squatting:

Obviously there will always be room to tighten up the core, as you can see in this video, this guy has excellent core strength.

All of your bodies movements originate from the core, when the core is strong, your able to complete functional movements with ease. Hence being able to squat beltless, you will also notice on certain exercises, you will feel your core engage, which is a good thing, because its like an mini ab and core workout when it does.

The squat does an excellent job engaging all of the The Lumbar Spine, Pelvic Girdle, Abdomen and  Hip Joint. This is why exercises such as the Bench press, Dead lift and  Squat has been crowned kings, amongts kings when it comes to Exercise.  They are all  compound movements, and utilize your cores strength.


What I will cover.

This post is just an overview, but I cover the following in the posts that follow this one.

  • The Science behind Core training and its importance
  • How a proper Core Training routine should be structured.


What it means to workout

What it means to workout
Photo taken at High Performance Fitness,

I’m writing this on my break at my second job, the thing about my blog is, that while it is a fitness blog. A lot of these philosophies carry over into real life.

I call myself a savage, because of the obstacles, that I face and have you overcome. I call those who make time to achieve their goals savages as well. Why? Because in an ideal world we would all be fit and live out out our dreams. I don’t live in an ideal world nor do I have the means to have the lifestyle that I want yet.

The whole ideal behind being a savage is this: no one understands are motives ambitions or dreams. They don’t understand why your focused on losing weight, or getting in shape. They don’t understand why the next guy is concerned with putting on as much muscle mass as possible. And when people don’t understand things, instead of trying to, they would just rather slap a label on us and call us savages.

I use the term savages because everyone has superiority complex, they think  they are better than us. When you tell people about the workouts and the nutrition, and what goes into losing weight, they will look at you as if your crazy, as if its abnormal to eat healthy and workout. This world is a fast food joint, people want everything fast and cheap.


No two men have the same opinion on what the value of a dollar is, whats considered worthy of my dollar, may not hold the same weight of value in your eyes. When it comes to working out, people think the following:

  • Its not worth paying a gym membership
  • Its not worth my time
  • I’m too old too
  • I don’t have the money for a trainer
  • I can do it on my own, I just haven’t yet
  • I can’t afford it

All of these are bullshit reasons and opinions, the same person who says they don’t have time, doesn’t want to make time. The guy who says he is too old, is basically saying, that he’s ready to die,  the moment you, give up on your health your welcoming disease and poor health in to his life. Those that don’t have the money for a trainer, I can bet they don’t have a budget either, and poor spending habits, that hold them and their finances hostage. I the I can do it on my own person, is lying through their teeth, personal training is an investment as much as an education is. If you want the edge, you have to pursue it at any cost, when people say the work out at home, look at their physique, either they too are lying or would see better results, if they went to the gym.

What I am Saying a Workout means

Its the time you spend working towards, building and improving yourself, as I said before, personal training is just as important as education in terms of personal development. If you don’t push yourself you will never grow. That goes for both your education and your health as well. Its not hard to remain out of shape, just like its not hard to simply do nothing at work and school. Your grades and pay checks will reflect the amount of work you do.

What a work out does is it fuels you, it shows you what your capable of, it gives you a blueprint, to a better you. When you have the proper guidance like a gps, that will give you the proper path to take, there is no way you can fail. Every rep in every workout, shows me what I am capable of not only in the gym, but outside of the gym as well. It push everything in perspective, and shows me what I can both physically and mentally.

It Empowers and allows you to take control.

Thats what a workout does, no matter what your current health or strength level is if you workout with me, you will learn quickly how much stronger you are compared to what you thought you were. This is why I refer to those who feel the same as me, or those that chase their goals as fiercely as I do savages. We put in the work and make progress, when you realize how much you can incrementally improve over time. It will empower you and put your life and priorities in perspective, and things that were impossible will seem a lot more attainable.

It’s Not the Hammer, It’s the Carpenter

Nothing compensates for the work you put in.

No matter how good your external tools are, whether is a good trainer or diet. Nothing can replace your dedication.
Everything boils down to you and how dedicated and persistent you are in chasing your goals and endeavors. You can’t lose weight or gain muscle without experiencing failures, setbacks and confusion. You have to be willing to face these challenges, you have to come to terms that there will be times, where things seem hopeless and look bleak. Savages accept this fact, no matter what your trying to accomplish in life, we don’t accept the norm, we fight for our beliefs, and set our own standards.

It’s not how good your clothes are, you shoes, the gym you attend, or how much money you’ve invested into your cause, its about how you will attack your obstacle, and reach your goals. There will be snakes in the grass, family members or friends, and obviously haters, who won’t  understand, your vision, and savages don’t concern themselves with the thoughts of the average people that surround them. God, did not give them your eyes, so when you envision the path you should take to achieve your goals don’t be surprised, if there are people who criticize or stand in the way of your goals this blog is about learning how to overcome those who oppose your goals.

People accept the wrong things ass being normal.

Our parents accept degenerating as we age, in my community things like diabetes, and high blood pressure is normal, maybe when we lived in a world, before there was knowledge to combat these, diseases it was normal. But, those days are over, if you fall victim to being obese, and staying that way, then your average, and this site is not for you, and my advice is not for you, unless your willing to change.

We have been conditioned to accept, illness, and diseases as being normal. That is far from being true, it is not normal, we criticize those who spend money on being healthy, but accept those, who spend money on prescriptions for  preventable diseases as being normal.

Which brings me  back to “It’s Not the Hammer,  It’s the Carpenter” when you better understand, how to take care of your body, and prevent falling victim, to preventable circumstances you upgrade from average, to being a savage.  A skilled Carpenter, knows how to navigate tough situations and setbacks, while an unskilled Carpenter, merely relies on the tools he is most comfortable with. Which 9 times out of 10 will be his hammer, take that away and he can not build a house, with out it. Now a skilled carpenter on the other hand knows how to use more than one tool, and knows what to do, when he no longer has that tool available to him.

Often at times people blame not having a certain product,or time for being the reason they can’t get in shape. But there are those out there who still manage to make it happen, who still get in the gym or exercise, there are those who still eat healthy and manage to maintain a well balanced lifestyle.

So my question to end this post is “Are you a skilled Carpenter, or someone who relies solely on their hammer?”



Decide to be a SAVAGE

The AVERAGE have always been skeptical in regards to health and fitness. They have never taken the time to study and apply different training styles, because they associate to much pain to actually doing something that isn’t mundane.

Everything the AVERAGE believe to be true is based on the foundation of what society and the media has to them to be true.

AVERAGE people would rather laugh it off vs  making the effort to investigate, and taking the time to invest in something that  they consider unconventional. Even if they know the results will come, or that it will inevitably lead to success.

The AVERAGE don’t believe in true success and fitness. They believe in surgery and pills, dieting/eating properly is a mystery to them. Exercise is foreign as well to those individuals who choose to be AVERAGE. Or they may be the few who participate in BABY cardio, and BABY resistance training.

Savages will never accredit their success to nothing less than hard work. 20 minute Dvds and other exercise programs out there, may be your intro, in to this world, but SAVAGES don’t let a particular training style control them, they control the tone, pace and style of their workouts.

Why do they call us SAVAGES?

“Savages we call them because their manners differ from ours.”

Benjamin Franklin


The AVERAGE place all their faith into infomercials, and the too good to be true, garbage feed to them by the media. Savages differentiate reality from fantasy and place their truth into what works.

The AVERAGE are certain and positive that infomercials work and that these word of mouth, and magazine diets really work. The AVERAGE don’t care that supplement companies sponsor those articles, and the same companies, put out different style workouts under different names, pretending to be different and charge you an arm and leg for their products.

These scams work for the AVERAGE, but SAVAGES see things differently, we invest in things to see what works and doesn’t work, and we keep evolving.


The Savage art of weight loss,

Lyndsea  was 45 lbs down in this picture

Establish your why?

Now you may be thinking, what is the purpose of establishing a Why? Because the key to success is first knowing why you haven’t been successful, and from there its important to establish a game plan. Anything you want in life is going to require and investment, so treat the gym like wall street, and understand there are ups and downs, When you invest in yourself. However the purpose of this article is to cut down on the downs and increase the ups.

Time+Money+Effort = Your Reward

Understand nobody will work as hard as you when it comes to your goals especially when weight loss comes into play. There are no easy ways out, there are a ton of smart tips and techniques that can aid you in your journey.

Back to the topic at hand: Establishing your why?

Sample questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to lose weight?
  • is it, for you own personal gain?
  • health related?
  • etc
  • Why have  bad habits prevented you from losing weight?
    • are you a chronic partyer?
    • do you only eat junk food?
    • binge eat?
    • Are you not as active, as you once were, or maybe never even been active?
  • Why will this time around be different for you?
    • will you take the time to study different methods to lose weight?
    • will you finally get serious about dieting and exercise?
    • Are you just plan tired, of your current lifestyle and in need of a drastic change?

    Ask yourself what you will do differently, and comment with your answers, or email me.

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

The goal of asking why is to determine,  the reason you trying to make this  change, and also to pin point why you haven’t lost the weight.  You can also ask yourself what, and how questions.

  • How will I lose this weight?
  • How will I overcome my urges?
  • How much time and money am I willing to invest?


  • What will I do differently to continuously lose weight and keep it off?
  • What can I expect from my family and friends will they be supportive?

Key concepts

Money is usually, a key that will unlock many doors, but beware, companies and people will try to take it from you. This site as well as other sites out there, will provide tons of information, catered to helping you achieve your goals. So if you can’t find the answers here shoot me an email, or google it.

Also keep budgeting in mind, I buy things here and there, when I don’t have the money to get them all at once. I will make a list and get the most important stuff first, and slowly add on things. Example I may buy protein powder first and then decide to get multivitamins my next check. There is no reason to go for broke, if you do chances are you will loose site of your goals.

Setting A Decent Pace For Yourself,

I personally recommend using myfitnesspal to help you give your goals a reasonable start and finish date. You will be given small increments, to work with. Its very possible to meet, or beat these increments, but if you don’t follow through, than you will miss your goals.

Its important to utilize as many free tools as possible. Also you have to educate yourself as well.

Getting things into gear,

The gym or decent home gym is a must, dieting alone can be done, but will more than likely take years and not yield the results you hope for. Nothing sucks more, than coming to the end of a journey and not seeing the results you hoped for.

Resistance training is your friend, you have to do some kind of resistance training, along with your cardio. There is a ton of free information out there that you can use to help get you started.

I will provide a beginners plan, and advanced plans on the mercenary reserve website.

Listen and Invest,

Listen and watch the right people, stop believing lies, and stop watching the wrong people.  I see so many male and female trainers, lie, in order to sell BS, and so many average and naive people fall for it.

Be a savage about the situation, look for those who provide the right info, not those who sell 20 minute ab dreams, and five minute home workouts.

I personally think you have to workout at the gym to get optimum results and avoid, distractions. We all know your parents, spouse or kids don’t give a **** if you are working out which is why I prefer to escape the distractions.

When you get the right information invest in those situations to discover if that method is right for you, also practice common sense.

Summing Everything up

Understand, this is a journey and a personal mission, that you yourself set the pace for no one can do this for you. Build off of a small initial push, the more you do the small things the more, you will build momentum, the more momentum you build, the harder it will be to stop you. Plan for failure,and understand, that even if you screw up a few times its important, to continue down the right path.


embarking on a journey / to be cont’d

What up though, Welcome to the world of Average!

My name is Darius Savage, people call me Fydthetrainer(FYDTT). Which stands for F you Darius the trainer.

Why? Do they call me that?!

The answer is simple, this world is inhabited by people who want to be Average, and me I would rather be a Savage, so my training methods reflect that. Average people like to do light cardio, and light resistance training, but I want to push you to your limits and beyond.

I studied, this profession, in order to better master it…

Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Every two years most personal trainers are required to renew, their certifications, by proving they either took specialization courses or they pay an additional 200$ fee to keep their old certifications.  What does this mean, it means if someone has a general personal trainer cert, they can simply pay 200$, rather than updating their skills. Me  on the other hand I would rather update my skills, and I do that by taking specialization courses, in fields such as nutrition, weight loss, body building, and there are a few more I plan to tackle in the next few years.

Why is this important to you?

On one hand you have an Average trainer, who is doing the bare minimum, i.e. paying 200$ to renew a cert(which means they probably forgot everything they learned over the course of 2years of not doing anything.) And then you have a Savage, someone who looks the part(fit), someone who doesn’t mind learning and applying that knowledge to get his clients the best results.

So I ask you…

Do you want to be a SAVAGE or do you want to remain average? As my journey continues, I hope you continue yours as well, and who knows maybe you will stay in tune, and journey along with me, but until next time, I will like to just leave you with a quote.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady



Shirts coming soon …

darius savage

I plan to set up shop and release shirts in what I call cycles, every cycle will contain 5 shirts. The number of cycles, will probably vary between 3-4 per year. I don’t plan to make ugly shirts, I plan to very involved in there creation, and I plan to give the world something that I would be proud to wear whether I was in to fitness or not. I have a graphic design background and have physically airbrushed, and painted shirts, a few years back, but ultimately turned to Photoshop and digital printing so, I am very excited to design something, based on my fitness endeavors and I hope you guys enjoy.

Setting The Pace For A Decent Workout

How Do YOU set the pace for a decent workout?

The Pre-workout

It should be no secret that I am a stimulants person, I love caffeine, pre-workouts you name it, but ultimately, the only thing I make sure I bring to my workouts is an old android phone I use as an mp3 player and as a timer for rest between sets.

The Music

I use an old android phone, so in case I lose it, it won’t be that big of a loss, and I usually listen to whole albums, or certain songs on repeat. Now I admit sometimes I forget to charge it, (but my gyms treadmills have usb ports to charge from, but most gyms still don’t or won’t anytime soon.) Aside, from that luxury I will go without music in the gym on occasion.

One day I will list some of my favorite songs, but I listen to all genres of music, and I listen to audio books, I mostly stick to R&B and Rap though.

The Gear

In the last year, I’ve probably spent more money on my gym clothes , then I have spent on my regular wardrobe. Mostly  because I am working on becoming a full fledged personal trainer, and also because I enjoy going to the gym more than anything else at the moment.  I feel its important to put yourself in a position of power, and in my opinion, you need to try to line up as many ducks as you can, in order to ensure your success, my favorite brand to work out in, would have to be Adidas,  hands down.

I am guilty of catching sales, and buying things as cheap as I can. I also own stock in my favorite companies as well, aside from Facebook and google, I vow to own stock in every company I ever worked for, as well as my favorite brands. But some how I doubt that the people who comment negatively will ever own stock, I think its important, to own more of a company than that company will ever own of you. Meaning that I will own more Nike stock than Nike shoes, etc.

But none the less, I feel its important no matter what your favorite brands are, or style you should dress, not to impress, but dress, for war. I go to the gym in gym attire, but every  workout is a battle, because I am trying to destroy the person who I was, and build some one new, by the end of my workout.

Summing Everything Up

I suggest you wear whatever makes you comfortable, I invest my money in such a way, that I can wear name brand things, not saying you have to.

I like to have a pre-workout in my system, but it is not a  necessity.

I like to have weeks where I go without music or pre-workouts, just because I don’t want those things to define if I do or don’t have a good workout.



Getting your hands dirty

All legitimate  forms of religion lead to GOD, in some way shape and form, you believe there is a higher being, that we all bow and pray too…

With that being said, its a million ways to pray, and a million ways to get shredded and ripped, which path will you choose?

I took the most Savage, and relentless path to reap the benefits, that I have achieved so far.  I used to be a victim of only doing 20 minute workouts, and the other bogus, fitness dvds out there. Hey I was young and dumb, plus I had a ton of time on my hands back in the day,  from either being unemployed, or from  being a student; so I would do those workouts like two or 3 times in a row, or multiple times throughout the day.

I have done the crappy home workouts and those days are over with….

I prefer to go to the gym, because I want to do every exercise at my disposal, I do the hip adductor and abductor machines, I do calf raises, I do every specialty machine, my gym has to offer. Thats why I go to the gym, I try to push myself as far as possible, and I believe the gym has more to offer me, than working out at home.

I still buy weights and home workout equip

I still buy weights to lift at home, and pull up bars, so I can work out at home, I still do pushups and sit ups, you name it I still do it, I don’t want to be average, and if your rocking with me, you don’t have to settle for average either its no reason too. Those days are over with…

The point of this site is to provide you with the information you need to get your hands dirty, what foods do you need to eat? What exercises do you need to do? All that information will be available here. I prefer to workout in the gym a majority of my videos will be in the gym but I plan to show you guys how to get your hands dirty at home as well.

What up world!

Welcome to , I am Darius the trainer,  I created this blog to help promote my self as a personal trainer, and also to give away knowledge and insight.

I pride myself on getting results, and I pride myself on being a mercenary, who will deliver the results you want, in as safe a manner as possible.