The Savage Build: The reasons you’re not lean yet

Resting longer than necessary

Stop sitting around wasting time, resting over 90 seconds, is unnecessary. I hate when guys say they workout for 2 or 3 hours, but they really workout 45 mins and talk the rest of the time. Your rest time should be in between 30-90 seconds. I set a timer on my phone.  If someone is talking to me, when that time goes off, I tell them to hold that thought and start my next set. Depending on the exercise I will talk and work at the same time. I try not to be Mr. intensity, you no that guy who’s a complete ass hole, because he’s working out and doesn’t want to be interrupted. I also don’t want to be Mr. low intensity. This is the guy who does more talking than he does chopping. One thing I do is workout early to avoid wasting time talking, which often leads to unnecessary rest time. Other than that,  utilize that timer on your phone, when it goes off, go to work. Stop texting, or searching for that perfect song and get to work.

Low intensity cardio is your go to

Hit cardio, is most effective, during high intensity cardio, will cause you to burn fat more effectively.  Stop wasting time with that outdated idea of doing super low intensity cardio to get lean. Mail man walk up to 12 miles a day. How many of them do you see walking around lean?

Eating crap carbs

If your’re eating sugary carbs, and breads, then don’t ask me why your not lean. Most of the time people are neglecting good carbs and eating crap carbs. These refined carbs will ensure, that you’re doughy and not lean. Instead opt for veggies and fruits.

Not monitoring marcos

Don’t tell me, you’re cutting or bulking, if you’re not tracking your macros. You can’t cut if you’re not monitoring your macros, to me you’re just winging a weight loss plan. You can’t tell me that your bulking, if you’re unaware of your macros. People often say these terms loosely, and its irritating, to hear. If you’re serious about getting in shape than take heed to my words.

The savage build: 3 Tips to effectively lose weight

Strength Train

Hitting some weights, will boost the amount of energy you expend. The more energy you expend, the more fat you will burn, in addition to that you’ll also put on lean muscle which will help you burn fat, effortlessly.


Feel fuller longer. Point blank period, the fuller you feel the less likely you are to make poor decisions.

Stay active

Even on days your not training, still shoot for some type of cardio. At least, hit the row machine or treadmill for 30 mins, take the stairs everywhere. These little things will add up over time and keep you on track to loose weight.


Use myfitnesspal

All of my clients are required to use myfitnesspal. I add them and look over there diaries. If you are not actively monitoring what you’re eating, you can’t be mad if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for.  After a while, its okay to deviate, from myfitnesspal, when you’re 100% sure your diet is in check,  and you can eyeball your macros, without the need for an app.

Muscle building essentials


Water, is key to building muscle, because of our bodies being 70% water. This is important to remember because, in order to preform properly you need to be hydrated efficiently. Another thing to consider, is that supplements, and nutrients, are used efficiently, when we are properly hydrated.

Whey Protein

Where whey comes into play, is up for debate with most people, but in order to achieve that savage build, whey is critical. I weigh 165, and I consume, 175-210 crams a day. Now I can hit my macros without supplements, but I will still use whey protein, before and after a workout. I will also use it when I am unable to eat, for example, I keep a couple shaker cups and a tub of protein in my car at all times. This way I avoid unnecessary fast food purchases, and I ensure that I hit my macros, in an effortless manner.


Zero carbs and an excellent source of protein, and healthy fats. I eat salmon, shrimp and tilapia, these are staples in my diet. The reason seafood is essential, is due to the fact that will give you omega fatty acids, which preform various different functions in your body. Namely keeping you anabolic and building muscle.


Turkey, chicken, eggs I know they are cliche staples in a fitness diet. In the nutrition books I have coming out, you’ll get different recipes so your not stuck with bland options. Now eggs I eat with the yolk 9/10. This way I get in some good cholesterol. I often add eggs to my meals outside of only having them at breakfast. For example when I am at home I pop my food in the microwave, and scramble an egg quickly, and then add it into my rice or quinoa.  The idea is to just add in a little extra protein.


Beans help keep you regular, they are an excellent source of protein as well. Beans put us in a position when are insulin levels, keep us building muscle.

Oatmeal and sweet potatoes

Low-glycemic carbs, give use steady fuel and energy through out the day.  This way you can preform optimally in the gym, and outside of the gym as well.



This is just a few  things to keep in mind when you’re trying to  maintain and build muscle. The better you fuel yourself the better, you’ll preform.




Savage Conditioning : Tire Flipping

Attack Fat Build Muscle

None of  my clients are allowed to due traditional cardio, when there goal is to burn fat, and build lean muscle. The only exceptions are those with injuries or conditions preventing them from doing so. I require all of them to train with the same intensity as if I was there with them pushing them. Now its hard and damn near impossible to have the same intensity, of a training session minus the coach.  That is where having tools like a tire comes in.

Why Flip Tires?

Why flip a tire? We all have seen tires flipped on tv or on the web, but never really thought much of it, outside of it being a strong man, type of thing to do. There are benefits we can all reap from it, its not limited to strongmen competitions. First and foremost, this is intense cardio, even though you may not be able to flip the tire at a fast depending on how heavy it is. Flipping a tire is also an excellent way to condition yourself, its like nothing you’ve ever done before. Its going to be some thing athletic and functional, I have a client in her 50s whom, I have flip tires regularly. This year when It came time for her to garden, she was throwing the 40lbs bags of soil in her car, at the hardware store, rather than having the employee do it. To some this may not sound impressive, but when your elderly family member wants you to throw bags of soil let’s see how you fair. One the extreme opposite, I have college athletes train  with tires as well, it keeps their heart rate up , and teaches them to recover quickly. The rewards you get from flipping a tire is unparalleled to any form of traditional cardio.

Sooner or later, I will post a sample workout and tutorial video on how to flip tires,  thanks for reading and stay tuned.



Benefits of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

First of and foremost, you get what you pay for. I’ve played around with Nike, FitBit, Adidas, and a few other brand Heart Rate Monitors. They all serve a purpose, but one thing to note, is that if the heart rate monitor, only measures your heart rate through the pulse on your wrist, than its inferior, to any model; that uses a chest strap.


By far, my favorite brand, is Polar, the reason is because of its training zones. It actively gives you your current heart rate, and breaks them up into zones, on older models from 1-3 and new models 1-5. The reason this is important to me as a trainer is it allows me to push my clients, to their limits, and not an arbitrary limit, imposed by me.


Wearing a Heart Rate monitor allows me to push myself and make sure I’m bringing the right intensity to my own workouts. I am a numbers kind of guy when it comes to fitness, outside of knowing maxes on squats and bench presses, it’s important for me to know the smaller things, and arguably the most important things. Whats my heart rate at while training, and wheres my heart rate while I’m resting.


For weight loss clients, and a lot of female clients, they determine the success of a workout based off of how many calories they burn. With that being said without a heart rate monitor watch, most people will tend to stick to only cardio machines, since it displays calories burned.

This method is inferior, to wearing a watch because the watch is going to provide a more accurate count. This way they can shoot for let’s say 750 cals or more peer training session, and scale up or down based on their desired goals.


More benefits of an Heart Rate Monitor:

-Track your progress

-Calories burned

-Fat percentage burned (on polar brand watches)

-FIt Test to determine starting point (again on polar brand watches)

-Time Spent at different training zones

-With the A300 and M400 you can connect to the polar flow app and myfitnesspal


Most importantly you can exercise and the intensity thats right for you. Overall I strongly believe in heart rate monitors and anything that will allow you to safely reach your goals.

Reviews: Polar M400

I love training myself and clients, with heart rate monitors because it gives me imperial data to work with. Its nothing like being about to measure numbers, with out having to crunch numbers. At the end of a work out, I know what the average heart rate was, the fat percentage burned, the max heart rate, how effective the workout was. This comes in hand with not only weight loss clients, but clients looking to build muscle or maintain their current builds.

This watch is far more Superior than the ft-60 a previous model. Its Also a step up from the A300 which is great, but lacks some of the robust features of this watch.


-The M400 is a decent size where, the A3oo was a little smaller, and kind of kiddie sized.

-Band is made from a much more durable material.

-Tracks sleep and inactivity.

-Uses standard micro USB adapter, which is great in case you lose the charger, you’re not stuck buying a proprietary adapter.

-M4oo Water proof up to 30 meters.

-Actively see how many steps you’ve taken.

-Actively see if you’re reaching your daily goals or not.

-Determine your Vo2 Max

-Connects your phone and has its own app as well.


Reviews: Polar A300

Polar A300

I love training myself and clients, with heart rate monitors because it gives me imperical data to work with. Its nothing like being about to measure numbers, with out having to crunch numbers. At the end of a work out, I know what the average heart rate was, the fat percentage burned, the max heart rate, how effective the workout was. This comes in hand with not only weight loss clients, but clients looking to build muscle or maintain their current builds.

I hate that the wrist band is made out of a cheap material, but polar sells replacement bands, unlike other companies, which is a plus. This watch is far more Superior than the ft-60 a previous model.


-A3oo can connect directly into  a usb port.

-Actively see how many steps you’ve taken.

-Actively see if you’re reaching your daily goals or not.

-Determine your Vo2 Max

-Connects your phone and has its own app as well.


Reviews: Adidas FitSmart

I didn’t know about wrist heart rate monitoring being drastically inferior to chest strap monitoring,  I just saw a brand I trusted and went for it. I also have the polar ft-60 that I still have to review, the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear S as well.

The cons:

-Not Waterproof.

-Uses proprietary adapter to charge

-Weak Battery

-Heart rate monitor was not accurate

-Difficult Navigation

-Phone syncing was terrible, borderline non-existent

-GPS Sucks

The Good:

-Nice led display when the watch actually worked.

-Motivating blogs on the site.


The watch barely worked, and then about 3 weeks into having it the cheap strap on the watch broke, resulting in me going back to the polar brand. I expected more than what this particular watch was capable of producing.


NO Days Off

There Are Never Any Days Off

No days off

We live in a world, where we need to be motivated 24/7. Or maybe we just yearn to be told the things we want to hear. Well I’m going to keep  this thing simple and short.(I may expand on this topic later.) Its 11:23 right now on a Saturday, and I’m sitting here writing. What are you doing?

I get tired, I get stressed and I kick my ass kicked daily,  by the thing thrown at me, but I’m here to state something that should be obvious to you… There are no days off, no breaks, no downtime. I don’t know how long you”ll live or how long I’ll live, its impossible to be on it 100% of the time. But when the opportunity to put in some work comes you gotta take it. IF I was really trying to write right now this article could be my game changer, it could be the thing that put my site on the map, but its not going to be.

However this article is a step in the right direction for me, what this means is, I now know if I need to be up  close to mid night or even later working I can do it, because I am passionate about what I do. But, can you say the same, are you driven enough to express yourself no matter the time of day? When I used to work min wage jobs, I used to think to myself this time would better be spent working on my craft and honing my skills. But,  the first thing I did when I got down time was chill or bullshit, so no every free moment I get, I read, write, or do something to put myself in a better position and you should do the same.

I’m not saying grind 24/7 and never relax, but realize that everyday you can do one thing that puts you closer to your goals.