The Philosophy


“It’s your philosophy of life, that provides the foundation, of the journey” – Jim Rohn

The quote above embodies, my life’s Ideology.

My name is Darius Savage, and I am a personal trainer, The reason I decided to create a  personal trainer blog is simple…

I don’t want to help,,, what I want to do is give you the blue print.

“A blueprint for you to print, a map for you to get back, A guide for your eyes so you don’t lose…” – Jay-z, Beach Chair, Kingdom Come

As a personal trainer, this quote above (from my favorite rapper), serves as a reminder of something I stand for. But before I explain what I stand for I will give you another way to look at it:

“You Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

Basically the point I am trying to make is there should never be a mystery or limit on the things we are capable of doing. In the fitness industry, as well as in other industries, there is a lack of this mentality. And I feel there should never be a reason for this.

Meaning we don’t really have concrete blueprint to follow to get in shape and stay in shape,  we rely to much on media, and word of mouth to get in shape, and because of the amount of misinformation out there some of us will never even come close to hitting our fitness goals. So I want to change that, starting now.

See to me certain doors have always been closed, and some doors will always remain closed, and I feel as if the doors to fitness and health should always be open.

We live in a world, where bull shit products, and scams as sold to us as if we put all our faith into they will work. But sadly all they do is make achieving better health, a mystery. This should never be the case.

The principle I want to carry across every brand, you see me working on, is that no matter what you want, its yours. I believe, that the body you want can be yours, the fact is the body you want is already yours, you just have to sculpt, carve and chisel until, you get the results you seek, and the results you deserve.

So I hope you will join me and this movement of mine,

#fwmykigi , sincerely – Darius (FydTheTrainer)

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